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White blotch/Bump on gum/tooth line

Ok so about 3/4 weeks ago I was chewing food and felt a pain on my tooth/gum area and noticed a white patch/blotch.  It was only that time that hurt because the food was rubbing right on the area.  After that I forgot about it and went on about my business.  Today I remembered and looked in my mouth and saw the same white patch/blotch still there.  It doesn't hurt only when I slipped and scraped it with my finger nail.  It is soft, and almost pliable like you can move it side to side.  I don't know what this is, and or if I am to go to the doctor, dentist, and or dermo.  Any help you have for me would be greatly appreciated, and yes I smoke. (But trying to quit ;) )

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perhaps it could be a gumboil.A gumboil is usually caused by an abscess at the root of the tooth. Often, this abscess is caused by food caught in pockets at the gumline. The infection forms at the root, and then eats away at the gum tissue, eventually creating a channel that leads to the gum surface. Once the channel reaches the gum surface, it appears to be a pimple or raised, white growth. Gumboils often (though not always) hurt, and sometimes the tooth feels raised or displaced. Gumboils should always be attended to by a dentist, because even drainage and an easing of symptoms doesn't mean the problem is solved, as the infection usually remains at the root of the tooth. If untreated in the long term, gumboils can cause tooth and even bone loss, as the infection dissolves the bone surrounding the root of the tooth.cure:Standard treatment of a tooth abscess is to drain pus and then disinfect and fill tooth, or remove tip of root (an apicectomy) if it cannot be disinfected, or take the tooth out.

Specific remedies to be taken every hour for up to 10 doses while waiting for dental treatment

a.. Copious saliva, spongy gums Mercurius 30c

b.. First hint of an abscess, tooth and surrounding gum feel hot, mouth dry Belladonna 30c

c.. Gumboil well developed and very painful, pain aggravated by both hot and cold things in mouth Silicea 30c

d.. Gumboils starts to discharge pus Gunpowder 30c

Self-help: Wash mouth every 4 hours with a solution of Hypericum and Calendula (5 drops of mother tincture of each to 0.25 litre [1/2 pint warm water)
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Thank you for the advice, so tomorrow I should call dentist and set appointment asap?  And would you like me to upload a photo to perhaps get a better idea of what I am talking about?
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ok hereis a pic http://ocw.tufts.edu/data/51/673818/675004_xlarge.jpg
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[URL=http://www.zshare.net/image/768597937f5b0509/]whats this.JPG - 0.01MB[/URL]

this is what it looks like, however for some reason the camera is showing its yellow when its almost white/translucent.
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sorry about the last post its at this link above..
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yes it is a gumboil i used to have one and i highly recomend doin some remedy then going to the dentist
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