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White tongue


On the 15th of Januray I have noticed that I have this white tongue, usually I have a nice pink tongue. I noticed this white tongue because one moning when I woke up I had vey dry mouth so I went to check it in the mirror. Later on I started to have 37.2 degree temperature for 6 days (it was coming back to normal at some parts of the day)
Here is the story On the 24th of december I went to the dentist to have a root canal treatment on one of my tooth and other work was done on my teeth, the dentist prescribed me Dalacin C 300mg for a week in order to avoid any infections. I also have a rotten tooth that also needs a root canal treatment. Recently I went to an ENT doctor who said that on first sight nothing alarming and took a swab sample of the white coating, which came back negative.

I do not know if this is important but 4 months ago I received an unprotected fellatio and all my STD test came back negative.

What can this be? how can I treat it?

Thank you very much for any advice.
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Thank you very much for your answer.

I received a fellatio didn't perform one. I still have a rotten tooth. I don't have white patches on my inner cheeks, these should be quiet visible right if they are present?

The ENT doctor took a sample of my tongue for analyses of bacteria and fungus and came back negative. it said no bacterial fungus growth after 36 hours.

I went today to the dermatologiste and he didn't really see anything very disturbing but he prescribed me Candivast 150 mg for one week, it is a candida medication. He said it might cause of poor oral hygiene and smoking.

Should I take something else like acidophilus?

Tell me what do you think eveyone. Thanks
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Ok I have just called the clinic to know exactly about my swab test. it says "no pathogen growth after 36 hours culture". does this cover trush, candida, yeast etc?

if I had washed my mouth in the morning at 7H30 AM with a mouthwash and the swab test was done 12 hours later at 7h30 PM could it have been affected?
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FYI Candivast is just another name for Fluconazole
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  As the swab came back negative it is likely that the doctor prescribed you with the Candivast 150m for one week as a prevenative measure because you have had a course of antibiotics (the Dalacin C) and with your ongoing dental problem snd white coated tongue.

Sorry about not quite understanding the  fellatio bit.  Anyway hope you enjoyed it.  You wouldn't have got fungal infection from receiving a fellatio.  Had the person giving you the fellation had had a thrush or candida  infection in their mouth, that would have spread the fungus to your penis.

Although you had a mouth wash in the morning and the test swab was taken 12 hours later, yes, the fungus would still have been detected (depends on what they were testing you for).

It will not harm you to take acidophilus.  Although you can buy it tablet form, you can drink/eat live yogurt.  Yacult (probably spelled it wrong) yogurt drinks I believe contain the good bacteria.  In fact with you eating or drinking the yogurt, this will coat your mouth with the good bacteria and will also help with any discomfort you may be experiencing in your mouth.  If you do smoke, it would be a good idea to stop by gradually cutting down on the cigs.  Cigarettes contain 92 different carcinogens.

The candida strain that causes Thrush is Candida Albicans.
I have copied and pasted the information below to help you understand about Candida which I hope you find useful.  There is more information on the web about candida, but I have only copied and pasted what I thought was more relevant.
Symptoms of candida yeast overgrowth include:

Recurring vaginal yeast infections, oral thrush (accumulation at the back of the throat and white coated tongue), migraine headaches, sinus, ear or eye infections, toenail or skin fungus or rashes including jock itch, food allergies, brain fog, depression, just plain feeling whacked out and irritated, low sex drive, fatigue, low thyroid, low adrenals and more.

If you are not sure if you have candida yeast overgrowth, take this simple test:

It is very accurate, and won't cost you a penny. My experience, from talking with literally thousands of people over the last ten years, is that this simple test is at least as accurate as blood tests and stool samples. Once you've taken it, you'll know for sure if you have candida overgrowth and to what extent the overgrowth may be.

If you know you have candida overgrowth, and are looking for a way to get rid of it once and for all, skip down to the next section below.

How To Tell If You Have Candida  -  The Free and Accurate Candida Spit Test.

THE TEST: In the evening, put a clear glass of water by your bed. First thing in the morning, briefly rinse your mouth, swallow, then gather some saliva in your mouth and spit into the glass of water (be sure to spit out saliva, not mucus). Keep an eye on the water for half an hour -- especially the first few minutes. If you have candida overgrowth, you will see one or more of the following:

1. Strings (legs) hanging down from the saliva.
2. Heavy-looking saliva at the bottom of the glass.
3. Cloudy specks suspended in the water.

If, within three minutes after spitting into the water, you see “strings” hanging down, cloudy specks showing up in the water, or “debris” sinking to the bottom, you most likely have extensive overgrowth, which will require more candida-fighting action on your part.

If it takes longer than a few minutes for anything to show up, the candida is not as serious.

If the saliva just floats on top and the water stays perfectly clear, you most likely don’t have candida overgrowth.

The logic behind the test is simple.

If you have candida overgrowth, it will show up in the saliva, a friendly environment for yeast. When you spit into the glass, the aerated saliva is lighter than water. However, candida is heavier than either. Whether it sinks as "legs", falls to the bottom, or floats around in the water, all are indications of candida. The more you see, and the faster you see it, the more systemic the infection.

Candida concentrates in saliva overnight, so this test is most accurate first thing in the morning.

I suggest rinsing out your mouth first, because, if you happen to be sleeping in a room with mold, you may have mold in your mouth from the room, and that could show up in the saliva too.

Some people claim this test is not accurate, but that has not been my experience. Out of the thousands of times I've suggested that someone do the spit test, just to confirm that they had candida, only once did someone tell me that their test showed clear water and no debris, that they did not have candida, when it was obvious from all their symptoms that they had candida overgrowth. And....

Among the many who tested positive, ALL had candida symptoms.

I've heard more often, though still only rarely, from people who said their blood test or stool sample test was negative, even though they were clearly suffering, based on their symptoms and the spit test, from candida overgrowth. So this spit test is at least as accurate as expensive tests available from doctors.

Why It's So Hard To Eliminate Candida Yeast Infections

To understand why getting rid of candida can be so much harder than knocking out a bacterial infection, you need to know how candida yeast overgrowth manifests in your body.

About 80% of the time, candida overgrowth occurs when antibiotics kill the friendly bacteria in the intestinal tract. Divided up about equally, are cases of candida overgrowth caused by candida spores being breathed in, transmitted orally through food sharing, kissing, or similar activities, and as babies picking it up from their mothers. Overgrowth cannot occur when the immune system is strong and the friendly flora (said to comprise 70% of the immune system response) are plentiful.

When much of your friendly flora have been destroyed, and your immune system has weakened, the oxygen-loving candida yeast begin to flourish, morphing into anaerobic candida fungi. No longer needing an oxygen-rich blood supply, the fungi are able to exist anywhere in the body.

Initially, these fungi are primarily in the intestinal tract. There, the toxic waste they chemically produce (acetylaldahyde, the same chemical that causes a hangover), irritates and weakens the intestinal wall. Candida fungi have tiny "legs" which, as the intestinal wall becomes damaged, are able to "drill" holes in the intestinal wall, leading to poor digestion and "leaky gut syndrome".

These holes enable candida to travel throughout the body, over time establishing themselves systemically. The leaky gut also allows partially digested food to enter the bloodstream. This food is not able to be used by your cells, and your immune system must get rid of that food. Over time, people develop food allergies, a sure sign of candida overgrowth.

Candida yeast loves sugar, excreting chemicals that cause you to crave sugars and all types of carbohydrates. Of course, as the yeast digests the food sugars before your body can use them, your cravings may be caused by low blood sugar levels.
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Wow Jemma thank you very much for your detailed question. are you woking in the medical field?

If the test said  no pathogenes growth, doesn't this exclude any kind of fungal infection, candida?

I also had done back in January 29 a urine test in which they tested for candida amongst other things, is such test accurate for candida detection?

I tried the spit test two days ago but without rincing my mouth and I saw strings after some time. I will try the test tomorrow after rinsing my mouth.
How can I be sure to spit saliva and not mucus?

Since one week I have cut radically smoking to like 3 cigs per day, and from today I will completely stop.
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Excellent news on you trying to give up smoking.  I tried one once when I was 17 and it nearly choked me to death so threw the packet in the bin.  I don't know how people can afford to smoke to be honest.  But then again I spend my money on plants.

No I do not work in the medical field, just my little field (garden) when the whether is fine LOL!

I don't really know about checking for candida through a urine sample, I always thought it was  from getting a swab of the area and sending it to the lab for analysis.  I do know that you can be a carrier of candida and not have any symptoms.

Spit (saliva) is the watery fluid or when your mouth waters when you have an opal fruit sweet for example.

Mucus is the thick phlegmy yukky gunk that you get in your nose or can travel down into your throat.  When you have a cold and make horrible noises to get rid of the rubbish (which can be thick, white, green or yellow if you have an infection).  Like:  arrhhh thu in the morning to get rid of it.

With you stopping the cigs, just take care as you may get withdrawal symptoms.  That is why it is best to gradually decrease the amount of cigs you smoke.  

I take an interest in medical things (unfortunately my brain doesn't always remember).  The web is a great source of information.  I also have a book on Bicarbonate of Soda and other books.

I have suffered with thrush in my mouth and have had other infections as well as having had a kidney stone removed surgically when I was 39 because it got stuck in the ureter.  Extremely painful.

Family and friends have said that I should have been a nurse.  And sometimes I get called "Dr..(my name).  In an emergency (and we have had a few of these with aging parents and young children in the family) I seem to be in control and not panick (even if its me that is seriously ill).  

Regarding your question re the "test said no to pathogenes growth" you would need to ask your GP or surgery receptionist what exactly they were looking for.  It's like when you go for a blood test - it can be for anything.  I shall be having a blood test taken tomorrow to check for my kidney function.  So it depends on what the doctor said what the test was looking for.

Follow the previous advice re taking your med regularly and eating a healthy balanced diet that includes yogurt like Yakult. and drink plenty of water throughout the day and also cut down on sugary things.   Any dental work that needs to be done get that sorted.  And you should start to feel an improvement hopefully by the end of a week.  If it does persist though, go back to the doc.

All the best, take care
Best wishes.
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Thank you very much for your detailed and interesting reply. I tried today the spit test in the morning and I saw strings after few seconds!!! I am really lost right now as according to the spit test I have Candida but according to my lab test I do not have which one to believe, should I make more tests or different (like the stool test) which is the most accurate?

I do not have any other symptoms for Candida I think, one of the symptoms that I had a day after the unprotected fellatio was frequent urination, which I still have sometimes. what are the common symptoms of candida?

Do you think my rotten tooth can be the cause of the white tongue? candida?

If the white tongue I am experiencing currently for over a month, can it be the consequence of antibiotics? if yes,  shouldn't my body have established automatically the good balance?
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   Don't rule out dry mouth yet though. I had it for many years and I honestly didn't know until the doctor said something when it got worse. Because I was so used to it I didn't notice. Also I had horrible teeth health that was hard to manage because of it. It could be possible the bad tooth is causing it. Dry mouth can lead to lots of infections. I was prone to thrush and got ulcers and things a bunch until I started taking a multi-vitamin daily. Have you tried a toothbrush with a tongue cleaner on it? That has helped me.
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thank you for your input. I started to take multivitamins 4 days ago. I do not have a dry mouth, although sometimes it becomes dry.

I am now taking medication for candida and acidophilus. I tried to brush my tongue with a tooth brush but it doesn t go off.
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Your doctor has prescribed you with the Candivast to take for a week.  Before stressing yourself unduly, take the medication as prescribed and be patient to see how you get on.  If you are still having the white tongue after you have finished the course, then go back for further testing.

At the moment you are worrying about what you may or may not have.  You need to be a patient patient and give the meds time to work.  And follow the dietary information pasted below, as well as to my advice about your diet and consuming yogurt.

With frequent urination, this can be a sign of a urinary tract infection anywhere from the kidneys down (a urine specimen will detect any abnomalities in the urinary tract) in the mean time you need to drink more water.  In men frequent urination can be from an enlarged prostate gland (doctors do a rectal exam to find out if it is enlarged, and sometimes by blood tests).  The other symptoms to look out for in a urinary infection, is cloudy, smelly, or dark urine.  Sometimes when the urine is dark this is an indication that the urine is concentrated meaning that you are not drinking enough water.  Cloudy urine can have leucocytes, protein or blood (not detected by eye) in it, which usually is a good indicator of an infecition.  Sometimes your urine may be a different colour from either certain foods you have eaten (like beetroot) or from medicaitons.  I have had a lot of personal experience with urinary problems and a kidney stone surgically removed when I was 39.  Have just finished a course of antibiotics for a UTI (urinary tract infection).  Am going to have a blood test later today to check my kidney function and have my urine tested at the lab (don't know if they will find anything because my urine is fine one time and not the next).  I buy 10LG Parameter Urine Reagent Strips from Amazon (they don't cost that much).
I am waiting for an appointment for an ultra sound to check my kidneys (I suspect that I have had or still have a kidney stone).  

The rotten tooth will definitely will given you problems in your mouth.  I thought you had that sorted out.  If the rotten tooth or sharp edges of it are aggravating the tongue, then from experience, it can make your tongue quite sore.

The thrush or candida albicans showing as a white tongue is definitely as a consequence of using antibiotics.  And no,  your body will not automatically establish a good balance if it is not being nourished correctly. (Not eating the right foods).  In fact I think I will definitely have to follow the advice below as I have recently finished a course of Trimethoprim for a UTI and my mouth is dry and my tongue a bit coated.  So all in all, you could say we have helped each other.  LOL.  So thanks for YOUR help.

Well, with you asking all these questions, I have researhced it and I have learned something  about Candida that I didn't know before.  So thanks for that.  In fact having read the symptoms, I have quite a few of them, and I get cravings for sugary foods and all the lotions and potions I am using for my itchy skin do not work.  So I think I will follow the advice with regard to dietary suggestions that have been pasted below.

I have copied and pasted the relevant details from http://www.candidasymptoms.net/candida-treatment.php with regard to how you can get Candida, the symptoms and how you can help your body by dietary means to keep it at bay.

The most common causes are overuse of antibiotics (which tend to kill the helpful bacteria in the gut), stress and poor diet, and the big one which is frequently overlooked: poor digestion! If you're not "going" frequently or feel like food is simply sitting inside you like dead weight instead of moving through you like a well-oiled machine, then you may fall under the poor digestion category.

I have copied and pasted the extracts below from Candida Symptoms, How To Cure Them:

Candida albicans is a type of yeast that lives in all of us. When your immune system is working properly, the amount of Candida in your body is kept in balance. When your immune system is compromised, or other factors occur such as consuming unhealthy amounts of sugars and carbohydrates, the Candida can grow out of control.

Here are some of the symptoms of Candida overgrowth:
•Frequent stomach pains and digestion problems
•Skin problems (skin infections, eczema, psoriasis, acne)
•Foggy brain / Trouble concentrating
•Constant tiredness and exhaustion
•Mood swings
•Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)
•Anger outbursts
•Intense cravings for sugars, sweets, and breads
•Itchy skin

Candida Diet

The main action you should take if you believe you may have Candida is immediately cut out or reduce your consumption of sugary and high-carb foods, such as candy, breads, fruits, etc. Sugar is a fuel for Candida, and the more you give it, the more it will grow in your body.

The challenge is to find what you can eat that satisfies you, but doesn't feed the Candida in your body. From experience, if you cut out the carbs and sugars completely, you will eventually binge on them within a few days or weeks of starting the diet. You want a diet plan that keeps your sugar in a proper balance (not too high, but not dropping too low). This includes cutting out the simple sugars that the Candida Yeast loves (white bread, cookies, etc

You can find yogurt with active bacteria / live-cultures in any grocery store. It will say so right on the label. Just make sure it doesn't have any added sugars, as that will defeat the whole purpose of buying it. The bacteria that's important in yogurt is called Lactobacillus acidophilus. L. acidophilus keeps the Candida in check. It is generally recommended to eat 8 ounces or more per day of live-culture yogurt. If eating that much yogurt daily is too much for you, you can also find some supplements containing a full regime of probiotics online or at any good health food store.

Grapefruit Seed Extract is another important key to fighting off Candida overgrowth. The first time you take it, you may feel dizzy, have a body ache, and feel very tired. This is normal, and is a condition known as Candida Die Off. Die Off occurs when large amounts of Candida begin to die, and they release a toxin into the body as a result. Your body will flush out this die off toxin, as long as you keep drinking water. The most popular brand of GSE is made by a company called Nutribiotic. Do not mistake Grape Seed Extract for Grapefruit Seed Extract...two different products!


Try not to worry too much, and take one step at a time - get that tooth fixed for a starter.

Things do take time to heal, so be a little patient.

Best wishes,
Let me know how you get on

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Many thanks for your reply and input.

I will try to follow as much as I can the dietary advice and I will take an appointment with the dentist to rule out the rotten tooth option.

For the culture and sensitivity test, after researching the internet this normally covers any bacterial for fungus infections. If so, so I do not have candida?
please find a link concerning such test

This Frequent urination is also getting me crazy, I did all urine tests and they were normal, but I did not do a swab test of the urethra, you think I should do one for a potential NSU. Can an NSU cause only frequent urination. When I go often to the toilet the urine is almost all the time white transparent.

Thank you very much. indeed they should call you a doctor :D
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By white tranparent, I take it you mean it is clear like water.

That is excellent news.  You don't have any issues with a urinary tract infection.  It may just simply be that the kidneys are doing their job because you are drinking lots.  If on the other hand you go for a pee and then soon afte keep want to go again or have an urge to go, but nothing comes out, then I would worry about that.  

What is Non-Specific Urethritis?

Non-specific urethritis is an inflammation of the urethra: the tube that runs from the bladder and carries the urine out of the body. Although not all cases are sexual in origin, the majority of cases are in people who are sexually active.

It is called ‘non specific’ because there are a variety of different causes for this condition. It is often described as a condition only men get, partly because symptoms are more recognised in women and more specific diagnoses can be made, such as Cystitis or Bacterial Vaginosis.

In men, the symptoms can include a white or cloudy discharge from the penis tip, a burning or pain on urination or an increased need to urinate. Women can have an unusual discharge that does not have a foul odour as in the case of Bacterial Vaginosis and where STIs and Cystitis have been ruled out, a label of NSU can be applied and a broad-spectrum antibiotic prescribed.

Can I be tested for Non-Specific Urethritis?

As NSU is non-specific in nature, there is no test as such. NSU is usually diagnosed when someone has symptoms of an infection of the urethra and all other options such as Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea have been ruled out following appropriate tests.

NSU can be caused by bacteria that usually live harmlessly in the body but can trigger NSU if they get into the urethra, usually during sexual contact. In a large number of cases the bacteria detected are either Ureaplasma Urealyticum or Mycoplasma Genitalium.

NSU can also be caused by irritants such as chemicals from soap finding their way into the urethra.

Should I get tested for Non-Specific Urethritis?

If you have symptoms of a urethral infection then it is recommended that you have a  full screens test if  Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea have not been ruled out. If they have already been ruled out then a differentnarrower test can be performed depending on your symptoms.  (Don't ask me what it is, I have no idea - I just read the info on the medical sites).

How is Non-Specific Urethritis Treated?

The treatment for NSU is antibiotics. At The STI Clinic, bacteria is trated with a course of antibiotics such as Doxycycline or Azithromycin. It is also recommend that any partner is also treated at the same time. (makes sense!)

If you are being treated for NSU you should not have unprotected sex until the course of treatment is over and 7 days have elapsed.

Treatment is important as it is possible that any infection can lead to epididymitis or orchitis.

My husband was diagnosed with epididymitis (caused by a bacterial infection) it is extremely painful in the testes and they can become swollen.  At first we thought I had been too heavy handed when manhandling him LOL!

Anyway, you have a lot to be getting on with.  So, like I mentioned to you before, take one step at a time.  I would be inclined to wait and see if you improve after finishing the course of the meds you have recently been given, as well as getting your dentist see to your tooth.

You are quitting smoking, so that will make you feel on edge and aggitated due to withdrawal symptoms.

LOL.  I have just spotted your remark about me being called a Doctor.

I shall be off line for the rest of the day now, so I will wish you well.  Let me know how you get.

As a matter of curiosity, don't answer if it is embarassing for you, has your sexual partner/s got any symptoms of anything that may have been passed on to you?  If so, it may be a good idea for them to be checked out.

Take care,
Best wishes
(And to think all this writing because of a white tongue lol!) - I have learned new things by talking to you - thanks
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Thank you again for your detailed answer much appreciated.

I did the tests for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia, urine tests and all were negative.

I sometimes go for a pee and then soon after I still want to go again. for example just now I went to pee, it was a good quantity and kind of light yellow, 5 min later I still had a feeling to urinate I went and it was a small quantity and transparent. I have very often a feeling like I need to go to the bathroom like pressure on the urethra :s

After my sexual encounter, protected vaginal and unprotected fellatio I washed all my penis with soap, the day after I had burning sensation on the urethra for 2 days and I started to urinate more often, maybe I got this NSU from washing with soap??

In view of the above, you think I have NSU? I am think of taking Doxycycline for 7 days to treat any NSU and of course I will take probiotics with it.

My sexual partner was an escort from eastern Europe, and she doesn't have a frequency to go to the bathroom or a white tongue as I contacted her like 3 months later to know.

With regard to the WHITE TONGUE, why would I be taking medication for candida if my swab test is negative??? shouldn't such test rule out candida to be the cause of my white tongue
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Hi staysafe,

That's great that your tests were negative for the sexually transmitted diseases.

It could possibly be that this is due to using the soap down below.  Don't use any harsh purfumed soaps in that region.  The colour of your urine is fine.  If you are still getting this pressure after you have finished your Candivast 150 mg and still have problems then go back for further medical evaluation.  The frequent urgency for urination as explained could be to do with you aggravating your little friend (penis), or you do have a problem with the urninary tract, either cystitis (if you have not been tested for this - urine dip stick test will show nitrite if you have cystitis.  The other possibility is there may be pressure from your prostate gland, or even a stone in the bladder.  You will not have an infection in the urine if the prostate is enlarged, but as men get older, it is quite common for men to get enlarged prostates (some people say prostrate - "prostrate" means straight).  
The symptoms of that are urgent frequency as well as blood in the urine (not seen by the eye).  Other illnesses can cause urgency after going, for example if you have diabetes.

The reason you were given the Candivast 150mg is because although the tests came back negative for fungal infections, you have the symptoms of thrush and as you recently completed an antibiotic this can cause the problems you are experiencing.  - Guess what?  My tongue is in worse condition that yours and it has been feeling really dry no matter how much I drink, I do have a nasty cold too, I did complete my antibiotics a few days ago, and it suddenly dawned on me (after talking with you) that I actually have thrush in my mouth.  As I could not see a doctor (they had no apointments left) for a prescription today, I have asked for a prescription of Nystatin, (I have had this before), the receptionist said the prescription will be ready tomorrow (the doctor has to sign it).  In the meantime I have purchased Danone Actimel for its L.Casei as a home remedy and when in town will pop into the herbal shop and purchase the probiotic capsules.

Basically the consultant is treating you for thrush (Candida Albicans) even though your tests have come back negative because you have symptomatic signs of the fungus.  There would be no valid reason for him to lie to you about the results.

If you start self medicating yourself with antibiotics, this will make your mouth condition much worse.  I would not take any antibiotics unless a doctor has prescribe them for me.  Having said that I did purchase some metronizadole tablets when on holiday in Greece on year, on advice from a fellow holiday maker who was an Australian nurse.  A lot of us (not as a group) had gone to a recommended family run restaraunt and we all got really bad gastro enteritis (sickness and diarrhea).  The restaurant owner had had this bug, hygiene was of poor standard and then cooked our meals, hence we were eating contiminated food.

Can you purchase antibiotics over the counter where you live then?  We can't here in the UK.  

Stop worrying too much, take your Candivast 150mg as prescribed.  If I remember rightly I think you said you were prescribed these for 5 days so you need to give it time to work.  Keep drinking plenty of water thought the day (2-3 litres is the recommend norm) even though you do have an urgent need to go afte you have been

Bes wishes.

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Many thanks fo your details and interested reply.

yes I can buy antibiotics over the counter in where I am.

So now it has been 6 days since I am Taking Candivast and since 3 days I am using Daktarin an anti-fungal oral gel. tomorrow is the last day of Candivast. It is not getting much better I still have this thin white coating. do you know the difference between white coated tongue and white hairy tongue?

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Hi, nice to hear from you.  I had been thinking about how you have been getting on.

Sorry, I do not know the the difference between a white coated and white hairy tongue.

I was prescibred with Daktarin gel on 1 March, my tongue is much improved, but it still feels slimy.  I only used the Daktarin for a couple of days.  I put the tube down somewhere and I can't find it now.
I was prescribed with amoxycillin for my sinus infection of Saturday, so really could do with finding that Daktarin.  Oh well, I'll just keep drinking the live culture yogurts!

As you can buy antibiotics without prescription where you are, just bear in mind that any antibiotic will destroy the good flora in our bodies which will then allow the Thrush to get out of hand (be it down below or in your mouth).

Best wishes
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Many thanks jemma.

Can you show me how you tongue looks?

So you think this is due to the antibiotics I took from january 24 until 2nd of january ? I noticed this white tongue on 15th of january.

I also note that after eating my tongue has a normal red colour, any input?

thanks and take care

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My tongue was much worse than the photo you show, but now it is more red looking with a few streeks of white slime.  It feels like a thick slime and I feel constantly thirsty.  But I am on amoxycillin anyway.

Yes, I do believe that you got your white tongue as a result of taking antibiotics (oral thrush).

If you notice that the tongue has a normal red colour after eating then your tongue is now fine.  The whiteness will be caused from a dry mouth.  I do know that a thick fury tongue (white or sometimes yellow) is an indication of stomach problems.

If your oral hygiene and your stomach and bowels are fine, you have nothing to worry about.

Just remember that anytime you have an antibiotic for whatever reason, you are now prone to getting oral thrush.  This has nothing to do with sexually transmiited diseases (unless of course your sexual partner has a disease that you could get!)

Even babies can get oral thrush.

best wishes

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I have a similar problem: protected intercourse and received unprotected fellatio (Feb 2012). was diagnosed with prostatitis 3 weeks later (frequent urination, painful testicles, etc.).

Beginning of March 2012 started a week of Ciprofloxacin (500mg, 10 pills if I remember correctly)

Three months later (June 2012) I noticed a white tongue (similar as yours). I was diagnosed with oral thrush (oral swab) and was put on Flucanozole. It did nothing.

A few months later I repeated twice the oral swab test and yeast was not found.

Still have these symptoms:

white tongue
teeths mark in the border (swollen tongue)
raised taste buds in the tip/border of the tongue (with random pain)
excessive saliva

I have these symptoms since June 2012. I am writing this in March 2013. No improvement in any of these 4 things.

I have been tested for HIV 5 times. Also tested for several other things (read my journal for more info)

All this is very suspicious and I think my tongue problems are related to that sex encounter.

ENT just have me a month ago B12 pills and acidophilus.

No improvement at all :(
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That sounds good that ENT have put you on B12 and acidophilus.
I don't have any time to right in depth right now about your other issues, but will get back to you with some suggestions.

Best wishes.
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The thing is that I did the oral swab and it cam back negative, so how can it be oral trush. and I don't have anything else beside that tongue. It is weird.

Maybe I should have done a KOH exam? is it different than an oral swab?

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Hi jemma,

One other quesion please how can I know if me stomach and bowels are fine.
I just feel like my appetit has realley decreased and do not feel as hungry as before...can it be related..or is it only stress
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photos taken today of my tongue.

now I feel also a tingling sensation on the roof of my mouth :s
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With stomach problems, you could experience indigestion, or heartburn, or acid reflux (as you were going to be sick with a horrible taste in the mouth).

Bowel problems, either diarhea (the runs) or constipation (hard to go).

Your appetite may have altered as result of you getting older (we eat less when we get older), anxiety, stress, depression can change eating habits.  Also if you drink fluids before you eat that will fill your tummy up, hence you will eat less.

If you are anaemic, you will feel tired and will not have an appetite.

With the tingling in the roof of your mouth, you have either eaten something that has aggravated it, or you have a virus.  With colds and virus, the roof of your mouth can itch and your teeth feel on edge.

Keep drinking the yogurt, keep of highly spiced foods, and continue with the Daktarin  (miconazole).

Looked at your picture of your tongue - yuk (it seems to be worse than your first picture) - best to keep it in your mouth.  Do all the good things and try not to worry too much.  With the good oral hygiene (and a mouth wash, if you can't afford a mouth wash, you can rinse your mouth with salty water) and good food, drink water it should settle down.  
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Unprotected felatio will not give you thrush in the mouth.

You had a course of Ciprofloxacin and that will have definitely caused the thrush in the mouth and possibly down below.

Keep taking the B12 and the acidophilus.  B12 by tablet form is not as effective as having it injected (but this is very painful usually given in the back of the hand).  A blood test would confirm that the B12 in tablet form are being absorbed.   Anaemia can also cause symptoms of swollen tongue.

You could also get some Daktarin miconazole (sugar free 2% oral gel) for the thrush in the mouth.    Also drinking plain natural yogurt.

Hope your prostatitis and Epididymo-Orchitis has healed.  Prostatitis is an infection of the prestate gland, which sits behind the base of the penis, by bacteria that may enter the prostate by moving up the urethra (urine tube) from the outside, from a sexually transmitted infection, or uncommonly from an infection spreading from other parts of the body.  The infection may spread to the man's sexual partner, in whom it can cause pelvic inflammatory disease.  Acute cases usually settle with treatment, but recurrences are common and a low-grade persistent infection may develop, which is difficult to treat.

Epididymo-Orchitis is a bacterial or viral infection of the testicle and epididymis.  Epididymo-orchitis is an infection of both the epididymis and testicle.  Orchitis is an infection of the testicle alone, but the infection is almost invariably present in both places.    Any male, particularly in the teenage years or early twenties, who develops a painful testicle, must be see a doctor immediately, day or night.

Blood tests may show the presence of infection in the body and treatment involves appropriate antibiotics, and painrelief (aspirn, paracetamol).  Ice can be applied to the scrotum and a supportive bandage or jockstrap worn.
If the infection is caused by a virus such as mumps, there is no effective treatment available. Bacterial epididymo-orchitis resolves in a few days with the correct treatment and usually does not cause any problems with fertility or masculinity.  With viral infections, thre may be problems with fertility later in life.

If you are experiencing tongue pain, this can be from bacterial or viral infections or an injury from, for example a broken tooth or biting the tongue.

As well as Thrush caused by the fungus Candida Albicans, other causes included pernicious anaemia (an inability  of the stomach to absorb vitamin B12 from food), iron and folic acid deficiency and very rarely cancer of the tongue.  

A white tongue can also be caused by inflammation after a tongue injury, lichen planus (white patches) and scrs on the gongue after a serious burn which may remain white for some weeks or months.

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few typing errors in the previous message, but I am sure you will figure out what the words should be.

Best wishes
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how did you know you had dry mouth? me usually my mouth is ok not dry. but sometimes it gets dry for a small period of time. can this be a dry mouth symptom?

I hope my tongue is cause by the tooth cavity that I have :S I am really scared
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Hi Jemma regarding my appetit I am 28 years old so i do not think old :)
but I am stressed and depressed.

My bowel movement are fine I think I do not have constipation or diarrhea, just this often feeling that i need to urinate.

This appetite loss happened at the same time when I noticed my tongue, how can I know if it is related should I go to a gastroenterologist doctor?

I am very scared...
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I also lost like 3 kilograms or more in 8 weeks...I feel like I am dying :s
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Forgot to say ealier.

With your persistent urgent need to urinate, you may have a urinary tract infection.  Take a urine specimen with you when you see your doctor, or in some surgeries (in ours) you can just drop off a specimen.  Ask the receptionist for a urine specimen bottle.  When you do a urine specimen, first pee a little into the toilet, then into the bottle and finish off into the toilet.  This is called a mid urine flow.  It is best to do one when you first wake up.  If you can't get it to the doctors or lab for a few hours, keep it in the fridge.

Any signs of a urinary infection can be cloudy, smelly sedminent deposits, sometimes blood can be seen (dark urine).  Dark urine can also be from some meds and foods.  So don't be too alarmed if you are taking meds and drinks foods that could discolour your urine (if you eat beetroot that will make your pee on the red side).

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I have just weighted my self today. I was 73.4 I lost 2 kilos in one week!!!

I did today a CBC and another tongue swab.

i do not know if the frequent urination, white tongue, loss of appetite/ weight loss are related!!

should I do a liver test? or which test i m getting crazy
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In my opinion, unless you are an alcoholic or you have yellow tinge to your skin, or taking medication for hypertension, you do not need to have a liver function test.

I do not know what CBC is.

The symptoms you describe could be related if you have a waterworks infection, and are anaemic.

You need to chill.

Get your urine tested for urinary tract infections.  
Get your blood checked for anaemia and B12, diabetes and possibly kidney function.
Hope you have had your tooth repaired.
Keep applying the Daktarin as prescribed.
Make sure you have a good oral hygiene.  Brush yur teeth morning and evening.
And see how we go from there.

I usually work in Stones and by my reckoning if the 73.4 is in pounds you weigh 5stone 5 lbs.  For a chap of yur age, don't know how tall you are or yur body frame, but that is far too low and unhealthy.
See your GP asap to check for blood disorders.  
Another disorder that can cause loss of weight can be overactive thyroid.
As yu said that yur appetite has got less, then I presume that you are not deliberately anorexic.

Take care, best wishes.

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thx for your reply.

CBC is a complete blood count. i also did another oral swab for bacteria and fungus to rule out completely candida, as the first test was negative.

my tooth is still not done :s i will visit a dentist/oal pathologist this saturday.

for my weight it is in kilograms on the 15 of january I was 76.5 Kilograms and on the 26th of March 75,4 and today 73,4. I will try to eat more as I was not eating very much lately but still not to the point to lose 2 kilos in one week
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I measure 1.73 cm. i also think a kidney test would be more appropriate. I don't know all this is really weird.
I did Two urine tests and analysis and they came back normal. but the urine take was not the first urine in the morning. i think I will do another one and have my morning urine analysed.

I want also to test for NSU and ureaplasma and mycoplasma
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The first morning one is best, but if yu have an urinary infection it will show up.  If you are still having problems, yur prostate needs to be checked out.  An inflamed prostate will press on yuur waterwork pipes and cause you to experience frequent urination.  As will diabetes.

The Complete Blood Count checks for levels of haemoglobin, this will tell you if you are anaemic or not.  A full blood count will not test for diabetes nor for thyroid problems.  

What is NSU?

I don't understnad much about kilos.  I know that 1 kilo is just over 2 pounds.  I am not much up on cm either.  I do know that 1 metre measures 39 inches which is 1 foot and 3 inches (36 inches measures 1 foot).

The young kids at school now learn about metres and kilos, but these metric measurements were just coming in when I left school.  My parents understand litres, metres and kilos because they are from the continent and not the UK originally.

I don't know what ureaplasma and mycoplasma are either.  Are you concerned that with your loss of weight and the other problems and the unprotected thing that you may be HIV?

I have a nephew who is HIV positive.  As I understand from my sister-in-law, people with HIV have a compromised immune system.

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Hope you have had a good day today and are not stressing yurself out too much.

Best wishes
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hey Jemma thanks for checking uo on me :)

Well for kilo you can easily convert online. I am not really worried about HIV as I have test negative at 8 13 and 14 weeks after an unprotected fellatio.

NSU is non specific urethitis, which includes ureaplasma and mycoplasma. I do not think this is what caused my weight loss. Well I am trying to relax and take over control so I can exclude stress from my weight loss. I am having some wine currently to destress.  But even so I still have this pressure on my urethra like I need to urinate I will ago again to the urologist.

I did a diabetes test and it was normal as well as an ultrasound on the prostate and testicules. which were also normal.

I had done a CBC one the 16 of January and it was normal. and I noticed my tongue around the 15th of january. But anyway i did another blood test.

It is just that my symptoms seems not related, fequent feeling that i need to uinate, loss of appetite and this tongue :s I do not know if they r related
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Well as all the tests have come back fine and no probs with the prostate that's good.  Good idea to see the urologist.  He may ask you to do a urine flow test and do further investigation.

If you are anxious and suffering from stress that can make you pee more.  When I used to sing solo on stage, I used to run non-stop for a pee (through nerves).

My hustband had a urine flow test today and that was fine.  The specialist told him that with him having an urge to go to pee a lot that there are medicines for this so that you do not go so frequently.  (I didn't know that before).  I could with some of them too. The annyoying this is when you are busting to go and then go on the loo, you hardly get anything come out.  

Hope yu enjoy yur wine.  I get drunk with one glassful. :)

I will do some calculations another day, as I am very weary and not well myself.  I'll be seeing the doc tomorrow.  

Take care and enjoy whatever you choose to do.

Best wishes.
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thank yo vey much Jemma you are really one great person. I would liek to meet you one day. I hope you it will be ok with your doctor.

FYI 2 kilograms is arounf 4.4 pounds which I lost in one week! I am trying to eat normally and taking weight protein powder with milk.

I will also see an infectiologist next week. and saturday an oral pathologist dentist do you think he could help in diagnosing my tongue?
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You are so kind.
No idea to your question.

The other thing that crossed my mind tonight.  - but I do not want to alarm you.  If nothing is found by all the tests you are having done with regard to your weight loss, may be it would be a good idea to have your stools checked for any worms.

When people eat BBQ for example, the meat is not always thoroughly cooked in the middle.  This is bad with pork.  Sometimes the tape worm eggs are in the pork meat.  This is then digested and the egg hatches out into a tape worm.  This lives in the intestine.  People eat a lot and lose weight, because the worm takes the nourishment.  

But then again, you have said that you do not have an appetite.  Mmmmm.

Perhaps some Guiness may give you some appetite back.  

I have just stopped making a fondant Nigerian bride.  I have never done one before.  I have to make a head and face - I am not too good at that.  I made and finished the Bride Groom and he looks funny.

I have a new Nigerian friend that lived opposite my house for a few months.  Her daughter is getting married in Nigeria at the end of the month and she wanted some cake Bride and Groom toppers.  She had a go with me on Tuesday night and we laughed our socks off at the sight of the chaps' heads and the body was just shrinking down LOL.

I usually make fondant decorations for family cakes and occasionally friends.  Made a Mr. Blobby cake for an 18 year old lad a few years ago.

You sound really skinny.  I could do with losing weight.  But am having difficulty.  I go for walks every day despite being in pain.  

Take care and let me know how you get on with your tests.
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hey jemma, well for the woms. I took on the 26 of february 400 mg of zentel as I know that I previously had worms, pinworms the vsmall ones. I will take anothe pill in 3 days. as I read it should be take again after 2 weeks from the first one.  

I currently weight 162 pounds and I lost 4 pounds in one week. I measure 5.6 foot.  I have been eating these two days to see if i will gain...
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I just came back from an oral pathologist/ dentist...as usual just told me food debris and ****...however he prescribed me Nystatin!!! which i don t think I will take.

I have just also got my CBC results for blood.everything looks normal compared to the two other test that I have done on december 26 2012 and january 16 2013, except for my lymphocytes which have changed fom 33% (dec), 30% (jan) and now 41% (March). Now I m getting really scared. the ENT doctor said it is normal but she hadn't seen my previous results to compare. Also my Eosinophilis are 6% and they were 0% in January.

I hope the infectiologist can help and I hope it is not a dangerous diseas.
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I have also regained around 2 kilograms 4 pounds in 2,5 days..
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Just a quick note as I feel quite unwell.
Good news that you have gained some weight.
Do take the Nystatin.  This is an antiungal med.  You wouldn't have been prescribed it if the doc didn't think you needed it.

Best wishes
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I really hope you get well soon.

I am hesitating on taking it because this is a dentist/ oral pathologist who prescribed it, without having any tests.

I did two culture swabs of my tongue and they were negative. I will do also in two days a KOH fungus test. if it is also negative than no need for antifungual medication, right?
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I have just done another CBC and compared to my last result 3 days ago eveything is similar except the WBC which are 14,5% I do not understand!!!!

I did it at night two hours after playing football and I was taking nystatin
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I have the same tongue exactly .........

And I was on Dyoxcline for NSU for 2 weeks. The tongue was there before I took the antibiotics though.

Has your situation changed?
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I have the same problem and it started after I had my root canal treatment. Did my blood work. CT scan for my sinuses. Endoscopy result - hiatal hernia  and erythema in the stomach. Everything else came normal. All came normal. I have exactly the same symptoms. Does your coating produce bad breath? I'm guess it does. My dentists didn't use a dental dam while doing the root canal. Did yours?

Did your culture test for anaerobic bacteria (both gram positive & gram negative)
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I have the same problem and it started after I had my root canal treatment. Did my blood work. CT scan for my sinuses. Endoscopy result - hiatal hernia  and erythema in the stomach. Everything else came normal. All came normal. I have exactly the same symptoms. Does your coating produce bad breath? I'm guess it does. My dentists didn't use a dental dam while doing the root canal. Did yours?

Did your culture test for anaerobic bacteria (both gram positive & gram negative)
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Did you test for hiv and htlv. 2 retroviruses which can cause the dry mouth and weight loss symptoms early in disease. It is your bodies way of fighting illness. I would mention it to your doctor
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