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Whitening Pills

I used to have skin pigmentation all over my face but now it's gone after 6 months of using howaido whitening pills. Do you think this was the reason why it faded out or does it really fade out on its own? It says that it contains glutathione.

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One brand of L-Gluthathione (aka the reduced form of Gluthathione with other additives) that I recommend is by Now Foods at 500mg per tablet (from Amazon or GNC Stores). In addition you should take 1000mg (or 2 tablets) twice a day with twice the amount in chewable Vitamin C tablets (can be found in Walmart). It works better on an empty stomach or between meals. Vitamin C helps keeps the Gluthathione in it's reduce form in the body longer to aid in the whitening effect. It is my understanding that Gluthathione and Methathione are the same products. Methathione is the brand name (prescription form) for the antioxidant used by some doctors to treat cancer patients. What they discovered was the side-effect of this product: Skin lightening or whitening of their patients.

So for instance, with a one dose of 1,000mg of L-Gluthathione (or reduced form of Gluthathione) you should take 2,000mg of Vitamin C with plenty of water. Pending on how dark your skin is, you should start to see a noticeable difference in 2 or 3 weeks. It make take up to 6 months for you to achieve your desire skin color. Our personal experience has been that this is not permanent as some have suggested. Your regular skin tone comes back when tanned or you stop taking the two nutrients. One other thing is that too much Vitamin C can lead to kidney stones. I am sure that the celebrity must use the intravenous form via their dermatologist for a more powerful and faster overall treatment. Therefore, I would carefully reconsider the intake of any Vitamin or like product which is metabolized by the liver. You can't take this product forever with unknown consequences, especially when the liver and kidneys are involved. My family and I did notice markable difference in our skin tone but this become an expense and as we stopped ordering Gluthathione, our natural complexion returned.
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Glutathione in it's reduced form or not, still will be ineffective as proven in clinical trials and scientific studies which can be read on Google Scholar. Please keep in mind that glutathione in any form breaks down in the GI tract when taken orally and is poorly absorbed. There is no benefit from these pills and this is why medical doctors use glutathione intravenous injections instead on their patients who are in need of the antioxidant glutathione to help strengthen their immune system, patients who suffer from cancer, HIV/AIDS, ADHD, etc. Even if vitamin C is taken along with oral glutathione in attempts for better absorbtion, studies have shown that glutathione is poorly absorbed in the digestive system, thus little or no benefits including side effects of "skin whitening".

Any slight lightening that you might see is due to the vitamin C, as vitamin C has been proven to give some skin lightening when taken at the proper doses. There are glutathione intravenous injections which has higher absorbtion, but you'll have to make sure that they are genuine and are not diluted. There are the precurors of glutathione that can be taken orally to help the body to make it's own glutathione. Although there is no such thing as "whiteing pill", there are natural supplements that can help assist you with the lightening process and brighten your skin. It is explained further in more detail about glutathione, vitamin C, etc.
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Where can I get this in uk...  I've spent a lot on these tablets but they don't seem to work on me....  I'm 15stone lady and 50yrs old
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