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Why am I getting rashes at night time?

Since last week, I have been getting rashes at night after 9 pm. It itches so badly but I try not to scratch it. Now I take antihistamine everyday in the evening but still I get the rashes. Some nights the shapes are round and other nights, it’s like lines. Are these hives or eczema? Why do I get it at night? Is it due to food?
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Eczema wouldn't really go away and I haven't really heard of it coming on at a certain time of day, hives however can do both of those things, so I'd lead towards guessing it is hives.  It's a good idea to consult a doctor on it.  
Thanks for your response. I had hives about 4 years back from peanut allergy(I used to eat peanuts before that but that was the first time I got hives), since then I don’t eat peanuts. I went to the doctor few days back but he prescribed me the same antihistamine which I have been taking and it hasn’t helped much. I have been conscious of what I eat and have had different categories of food just to know if one of them is causing it butto no avail.
I dread night times these days ):
If the hives are caused by another source (which I would guess they are since you stay away from the nuts and it's just night)- the same medication may not work.  They could even be caused by stress- I can imagine night time is pretty miserable!  
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You should try putting cortisone on it in the morning and at night everyday. It will sting at first, but it definitely helps with rashes.

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