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Why am I having small red bumps that dont itch?

Why am I having small red bumps that don't itch?
At the start of this year, I had a fever which at it's highest, reached about 38.2°C. After the fever subsided along with the cough, small red bumps started appearing first on the inside of my forearm and gradually to the side of my stomach, my back, my thighs and on the back of my hands. They are small red bumps but they don't itch at all. Some of them are in small clusters no more than 1cm and the rest are just spread out along my skin. Just today, some bumps are starting to appear on the insides of my upper arm. Last year I had a fever and it also caused some red spots but it only made my skin sensitive to touch but they faded after a week and did not appear to be bumpy. I have consulted my doctor who gave me some calamine cream to apply but it does not seem to have much of a effect expect for some on the sodes of my stomach. What could be causing these bumps and are there any other creams or lotions that I could try to make these bumps go away? I also have no known allergies.
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It could be a rare blood disorder.
You didn't state whether or not you have seen a doctor. If not, I suggest you do.
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