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Why are my Lips burning, itching and leaving dark spots?

I woke up two weeks ago with the left side of my lips cracked. since then they've healed, but now they're constantly burning, itchy and dark spots are left behind. It also feels like they are swelling. (mainly my top lip)
I've never had this happen before. I wasn't using anything on my lips besides chapstick.
My lips have been constantly dry since early January, and the last time my lips cracked in the same corner was when I had my braces removed (also back in January).
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  We appreciate your question.  The best thing to do is to have this looked at by a doctor to diagnose. However, things that come to mind are an allergic reaction. You mention chapstick. Could you be reacting to this? Your doctor could check your vitamin levels as they can cause issues like this. Dehydration adds to it.  There is also the possibility of herpes simplex 1 which is oral herpes. Approximately 80% of the population has this including many who got it as children. Here's information on that. https://www.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/oral-herpes#1  And while it is not a terrible risk, you would also want to rule out any type of skin cancer.  So, if this is continuing and been going on, it is time to get checked by your doctor.
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Hey! thanks for the answer.
Yeah, I noticed the burning right around last
wednesday when I began using blistex medicated lip ointment. I have since stopped using it, but it seems as though every chapstick breaks me out. So i only used vaseline on my lips at night because they are so dry. Since then my lips have swollen a bit. I hope to go to the doctor soon.
I had the same issue and dermatologist diagnosed  it dermatitis. Its not dermatitis . Its either bacterial infection (impetigo) you need antibiotics.  Or it can be fungus infection , you can use over the counter Canesten  2% ( i used the vaginal canesten and the oozing yellow went away and my lips are back to normal) use it for 1 week and stop

Doctors will just ru  you around with my experience
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