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Why is Terbinafine ineffective in clearing my fungal infection?

History- Im a 19.5 years old Indiam male.I've had on and off fungal infections from 2013.I always contract jock itch and penile yeast infections.

2016-I contracted a fungal infection in mid June. I think a ate a wet cake slice which had soaked in a water bowl for a day in my fridge.A week later the smallest toenail of my left leg was black/Green.This was on 9 June so I started flucanazole 150 mg once a week.It proved ineffective after 3 weeks as the Fungus had started to grow in my groin.Doubled the fluca and ate it twice a week.It was ineffective still.So I ate fluca 2 weeks straight (once every day).The Fungus spread to my scrotum,the backside of penis,glans and the prepuce.

The infection only grew stronger,so I have been on terbinafine 250 mg from 25th July(once a day).

The terbinafine worked better than flucka, my groin infection stopped spreading and the skin started to feel normal again.Penis and scrotum got better too.I was also using a clotrimazole,neomycin,clobetasol combo topical cream.

But,whenever my groin becomes even mildly sweaty,I get a flaring infection the next morning, despite 3.5 weeks of terbinafine.

This morning, my reason for seeking help online is that the right side of my glans has become swollen and I have developed a painful red cracky rash on my glans.I have also developed phimosis.

The dermatologist I can afford told me to continue with terbinafine and eat a 'booster' dose of flucka every 10 days.Also he prescribed clotrimazole+beclomethasone instead of the previous one.

1-Does so many fungal infections and steoroid creams on my glans somehow Numb my Penis or damage my Penis?

2-Why the hell I keep getting reemissions despite the fact that I'm on antifungal meds?

I'm really concerned about my Penis and the effect of the fungal infection on my sexual health.

I can't afford a dermatologist again,so the advice I get hereight as well be final.
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