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Why’re my lips constantly weeping pus?

This started about 3 maybe even 4 months ago now. Covid 19 came into the US and places started to closed, states started to lockdown, and we all started wearing masks out in public. About a month after this all started my lips got really chapped Which normally happens to me in the spring anyway but after applying chapstick for a couple days i woke up one morning and they were super dry and covered in like a yellow pus.
I work on a military base so I’m always wearing a mask but i won’t wear it for more than 1 week before switching it out and cleaning it. I’ve tried using antibacterial cream (mupirocin) for them given to me by medical but it hasn’t worked at all. Medical doesn’t have real doctors but I’m transferring soon so they can’t send me to a dermatologist yet. My lips are constantly weeping pus from some kind of small holes or sores on my lips all through out the day and all night causing me to wake up having to almost pry my lips apart. It’s disgusting and I’ve become so self conscious over them ever since. The only thing that seems to help is when i drink alcohol. But i can’t be drinking every night. Should I wait till after i transfer to see a dermatologist or can I get some new cream or even just splotch rubbing alcohol on my lips?
Please let me know if you have any idea what it is and how to help, thanks.
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Rubbing alcohol will just dry them out even more.  Lips usually chap most in the winter, not the spring.  You could be allergic to your mask, you might if allowed try one made of something different.  If you're in the military, and I'm no expert here, don't you have health insurance that allows you to see doctors off-base?  If it's truly pus, that means you have an infection, and you don't want to let that go on.  Now, I'm not sure it is pus, but if it is, again, that means your lips are infected.  That isn't necessarily serious, pimples can get infected and exude pus.  But I'd want to look into it as soon as possible.
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