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Widespread skin condition

Hello.  I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction.  I've had this skin condition for 8 months, with no signs of improvement.  I have red blotches that appear to be underneath my skin, not on top.  They do not scale, no noticeable itching.  These patches are widespread, appearing on my stomach, chest, back and occasionally my neck.  My face is more red than it's ever been in my life.  I have not yet had a dermatological evaluation, but I've seen two medical doctors so far.  The first doctor thought it was ezcema and prescribed a steroid cream, which had no effect.  The second doctor thought it was pityriasis rosea.  However, I do not believe this is the case as my condition appears to be under the skin, and also I do not have scaly/flaky lesions.  He gave me an ointment to try, which also has not helped the condition at all.  I've noticed my chest/neck/face area has been red (flushed?) since this issue began.  I also have random scratchy looking marks that appear on my shoulder for no reason.  I haven't changed body wash/detergent/etc in a very long time, so I do not believe this is contact dermatitis or anything like that.  I'm hoping someone has helpful advice.  I've attached links for more pictures to show detail.  Again, not itchy, scaly, flaky, etc.  This appears to be discoloration under the skin.

Some of the issues like the random scratchy appearing shoulders, come and go within a few hours.  Sometimes my shoulders look perfectly normal, other times not at all.  The main discoloration on my chest, back, sides etc. never really goes away.  At times my upper chest area is flushed and I've noticed my face, cheeks, nose, etc. is much more red than usual.  If anyone has any helpful advice I would greatly appreciate it!!!!


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Well...this is perplexing.

Some parts look almost like a heat rash, others ( ones on shoulders ) look almost like the start of stretch marks, but nothing comes to mind.

I would see a dermatologist as you've had two different diagnoses from two different doctors and they can't agree.
Best to see a specialist in this case.

I know that spots under skin can sometimes mean internal bleeding and that the blood is pooling towards the skin...so don't take any chances.
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