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Will tanning sun damaged skin continue to become relatively darker?

I am a 37 y/o male with mild blotchy, hyperpigmented area on my forehead. One dermatologist said it was melasma; another disagreed and said it was sun damage, to which she gave me Finacea to apply B.I.D.

Assuming that it is sun damage, if I tan already sun damaged skin will the damaged areas continue to get relatively darker next to the normal skin? In other words is it possible to camouflage the hyperpigmented areas through tanning? I suggested to the dermatologist that I could precisely apply sunscreen to the blotched areas and leave the normal skin exposed.

I'd very much appreciate a direct response to the question-- I am well aware that dermatologists are against all forms of sun exposure.
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I'm not a dermatologist, and not against sun exposure either- but if you have skin damage from the sun already, I don't think it's a good idea to keep exposing your body, on the whole, to the sun in intense ways.  Some sun is good for you- you need to be able to get the Vitamin D from a short time in the sun, but given that you have a condition from sun exposure (be it melasma or sun damage)- you would be wise to protect yourself instead of continuing to expose your skin- even if it's not showing damage (yet- because likely it will).  
Thank you. I understand the concern. We all take risks in life.
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