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Worried sick about rash

Dear Doctor:

I'm worried sick about my wife's rash.  Had protected vaginal sex only with an escort three to four weeks ago.  Condom didn't break or come off.  Two days after this, had unprotected sex with wife.  Two weeks later she developed a rash on the sides of her breast and stomach and small patches underside of one arm.  It's very slightly raised with a few red bumps.  She said it's very, very itchy. I'm worried sick that this could be a sign of HIV infection even though I wore a condom with the escort encounter and no oral sex.  I know with 100% certainty that this would have been the only possible exposure/risk to my wife and myself.  I've quized her constantly if she's had any flu-like symptons or fever.  She said she has had no fever or sore throut or anything else. Other than the rash she has felt fine.  Even though I can't figure out how I could have caught HIV from this one protected encounter her rash seems too much like a coincidence two weeks after my encounter.  An HIV rash is supposed to be non-pruritic but hers is very, very itchy.  Isn't an HIV rash almost always accompanied by a momnucleosis-like fever?  She went to a very young general MD who said it might be exzema or a yeast infection. I know that itching in her vaginal area has been a problem for two or more months.  I know that she has always been overweight and for that reason sweats a lot.  I know she has been under a great deal of stress.  But the coincidence is just too scary.  Please help.
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I think it is a coincidence, though.  Your wife's rash sounds very non-specific, meaning that it could be a mild virus in the system or something like that.  Eczema sounds much more likely than a yeast infection, by the way.  I suggest that she see a skin doctor as soon as possible, so you'll both know what it is, and she can get treatment if she needs it.  As to your guilt and anxiety, I'll leave that to you to work out.  But I do not think you have given your wife (or yourself) AIDS.

Good luck.

Dr. Rockoff
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If your wife has hiv, she didn't get it from your protected sex incident.  That said, relax.  It could be many things & it probably has nothing to do with hiv.  HIV is a very hard virus to contract.  For one time exposures it's like 1/2000.  Stay safe.
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Very unlikely that this is HIV. The symptoms are much more than just a rash. I believe that Dr. Rockoff has mentioned that they are flu like as well. If this is the only symptom, then it is probably just your every day rash that pops up all the time and means nothing. If you want to know for sure, go to the doctor and get tested for HIV. I am very sure it will come back negative, and then you can quit worrying about your wife. And be faithful in the future. It is one thing to cheat but you will feel terrible if at some point in the future you endanger your wife. I doubt that you have anything to worry about this time, but playing russian roulette with your life is one thing. Playing it with someone else's is unforgiviable.
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