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Wrinkled Thumbnail

My left hand appears to have spots of dry skin on the palm that only disappear (when they disappear) with continuous applications of any of various skin lotions. Beyond that, my left thumbnail now is growing wrinkled, with small crosswise irregular ridges. No other fingernail on either hand nor toenail is wrinkled or odd. I do have spots (like pimples) that itch break out at random over my body, but I just live with that; my dermatologist has not been able to help.
     What would cause a wrinkled thumbnail? Is there a cure? Could you suggest something for the itch points?
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Wrinkled nails usually reflect inflammation of the skin at the base of the nail.  If you have eczema or redness there (or if you pick at it), that would explain things.  Fungus does not generally cause involvement of one nail on one hand.

I can't think of any relationship between this and the itch points on your palm (probably a mild form of eczema) or the pimples on the body (most likely folliculitis.)

Except for the moisturizing you're already doing, I can't think of anything else worthwhile for the palms.

For specific diagnosis of the nail, I recommend a visit to a dermatologist.  One visit should suffice.


Dr. Rockoff
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