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Yeast Infection or Skin Irritation? Possibly Clearing Up?
I’m a 30-year old male. For two months I went through major stress. Consequently, I didn’t take care of myself: very poor diet/hygiene, no exercise. Before this I was a very healthy person--worked out everyday, great diet etc. In early January I turned my life around and began to feel more normal, but then I noticed something.

Whenever I’d sit down, a mild burning would sometimes begin in my genitals. I examined my penis/scrotum and they were both darker/redder. Red enough so you notice, but still doubt yourself. The glans in particular was redder, and the scrotum looked oddly shinier, very wrinkly, with the skin looser and more leathery-like in touch.

After a few days I noticed more: the glans, when stimulated by touch, would become VERY wrinkled/crumply looking, and--especially when expanding--I could see super-small, red pimple-type blemishes on it. Sometimes whitish discolorations would appear and then disappear. Around this time, the burning also stopped--this was about 12 days ago.

Right now, the only problem with the penis/scrotum is topical. I have no burning, never had any itching. There is no pain in urination, no pain in general. The glans area is the worst: the redness is fading, but it’s still wrinkly. When stimulated by touch, it becomes significantly more crumpled/wrinkly/rough-looking and feeling. When expanded in this condition, those super-small pimply blemishes are pronounced. However, after a shower and exercise it looks almost normal. There are small areas of white, flaky dried skin (almost like dandruff) coming off the base of the penis and shaft. These areas seem to be moving up the shaft, and the areas where they once were aren’t as red. The scrotum is less red, the shininess (almost like a sugary glaze) is fading--you can see where it stops now and starts. The skin appears to be returning to normal.

Whatever it is seems to be going away; curious for insight into what this, and if it sounds like it is going away.
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Dear marsten98,

Thank you for your query.

You have provided an excellent description of your symptoms and I would like thank you for the same.

Going further, your issue does seem that it’s healing now. According to the description you have provided, there seems to be the possibility of irritant reaction rather than a yeast or fungal infection.

This irritant reaction could be due to the use of some strong soap or detergent. A yeast infection would not go away on its own. The smaller lesions which you observe in the erect state are nothing but the oil glands which are absolutely normal to have.

I would advise you to keep the genitals clean with mild soap. Avoid using savlon or dettol to clean it. Also, avoid use of any perfumed products.

Meanwhile, you can use a mild antibiotic cream like mupirocin over the penis.

If you feel any irritation over the scrotum, then use a mild topical steroid over the area.

Hope that this information helps and hope that you will get better soon.

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Best Regards,
Dr. Bharat Chawda.
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