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Yellow crust on lips

For the last two days I have woken up with a yellow, crumbly crust covering my lips. I have been applying Vaseline liberally, and while that helps keeps my lips nice and moist, I still have this crust developing and I often feel as though my lips are weeping or sweating.

Is this an infection? If it is, will I need a prescription for an antibiotic cream or is there one I can get OTC? It started off as regular chapped lips, but I think the chap is largely gone now thanks to the Vaseline. I sometimes feel like they are burning a little too.

My lips itch slightly around the outside too. It looks as though there may be some very small raised bumps on my lips, with no heads or anything, like it's a rash - but I'm not sure. It certainly doesn't look like cold sores. I and my  boyfriend were tested for all STD's recently and came up clear, but I may go to a clinic to get herpes ruled out just to ease my mind. I would have seen a doc about this already but I am overseas right now so it's tricky.

Age - 19
History of eczema, but not on or around the face, and not seen for years
I don't lick my lips, I use Chap Stick quite a lot because I do get chapped lips easily
Iron deficiency runs in family, but is usually not a problem for me because I include lots of iron and Vit-C in my diet
As far as I know, I'm perfectly healthy otherwise and haven't been ill in months.
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Hey, I have the exact same symptoms as you! Any news? Update on your situation?
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Hello, I'm from Portugal and I must say I am very happy to find a place in which to speak of my problem.
The truth is I have this situation at least 8 years, with exactly the same symptoms described here. has been a torment. The ONLY thing that relieves symptoms with cortisone are products or derivatives. In the last 3 years I have used "Protopic", is free of cortisone, a real find.
The reason I am writing here is that after doing more tests and medical examinations for a long time, resentment consulted a dermatologist who asked if I had a tooth leaded, and yes I have. So he sent me to replace all the lead of the teeth by that "white ".
I'm allergic to merthiolate. According to the doctor, the merthiolate has mercury and lead from Mercury also has teeth! In hindsight, there really are 8 years that i leaded the first teeth ... I think I'll start replacing the lead. If I tell you to get better.

See you soon. And sorry for bad english.
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I too have been experiencing this for years off and on.  I am allergic to Lanolin, some pollens (rye grass, ragweed) possibly some molds.  I'm working with and allergist to try to figure this all out. Even Vaseline is irritating to me now - or at least it isn't soothing. I may be sensitive to mineral oil.  I recently discovered I am also allergic to the Preservative Benzylkonium Chloride which is in most eye drops and nasal sprays.  I recently had surgery for a severe chronic sinus infection.  Though those might cure the itchies... It hasn't - perhaps because of the allergy to the sprays/drops I was told to use to help the healing and inflammation post op...
I'm now seeing the ENT for post op, an allergist to diagnose, treat the allergic reactions and my GP to hopefully manage this as I think it is all inter-related... I think the allergies  and eczema I have cause inflammation which gets out of control and then as others have mentioned I get secondary infections... also, any small infection causes inflammation and makes me more sensitive to allergens...
In general I am trying to keep super hydrated, using Protopic very sparingly ( it is a potential carcinogen with chronic use!) and using straight vitamin E oil to moisturize my itchiness.  My lips aren't splitting anymore and this was the first time in ten days that I haven't woken up with eyes crusted too... but my lips seems worse... sheesh... Nice to know that I'm not alone, but there seems to be no one easy answer for my chronic re-occuring issues... I too have the oil reactivity.. Olive oil may be the culprit... my sister suggested it as a treatment, but it seemed to cause more inflammation and I reacted to some oven roasted veggies that were brushed with olive Oil...  
I think if the inflammation were not there I wouldn't be reacting, but since my lips are cracked I am sensitive to nearly everything!

Maybe I'll fast for a few days and just drink water!!!  Perhaps I'll "clean out" whatever is bothering me...
Yep I have a very similar story (yet to get tested for allergies), pretty sure it is something called pollen fruit syndrome (oral allergy syndrome) get your allergenist to look into it (if they haven't already) also I am planning to go to a naturopath as they seem to know more about the why and how to prevent rather than just how to treat it.
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I am a nurse, and I can tell you that the yellow crust you all have been experiencing might well be from a VERY infectious and contagious bacterial infection called impetigo or possibly an oral form of the herpes simplex virus (cold sores). If you experience another outbreak, I would go to your MD's office and have them do a culture so you know for sure what you are dealing with. The treatment of choice for impetigo is an anti-bacterial ointment such as mupirocin (Bactroban) or bacitracin (Polysporin).
I have the same thing as what everyone else seems to have, allergic reaction (called pollen fruit syndrome if i'm right) and then it turns into an infection. I'm going to try Polysporin as suggested to see if that clears up the infection.
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I am 14 years old, I have had this crust on my lips and around my mouth for 5 days now but not only do I have the yellow crust, I have these red pimple-look-a-like's covering my face in some sort of rash, on the 3rd day my eyes became blood shot and sore, on the 4th day the rash came down onto my neck and now today I have gotton a runny nose.

On the 3rd day a doctor came to my house and gave me cream and tablets unfortunatly I don't know what they're called. It looked like it just kept getting worse and worse so today, I went down to the medical centre and the lady there didn't know what it caused it and why it wasn't getting better, considering the tablets and cream are very strong.

She sent me to the hospital and they told me that some bacteria went into the cracks in my lips and started the infection she gave me some anti-biotics and as I only got them today, I've only taken 2 and I ready think I am getting better.

If you have what I have you suggest you go to the hospital, I know you might think I'm over exaggerating but trust me, if you want to get better go to the hospital. You might think your doctor will know what he or she is doing but my doctor made me worse. And also if you have the same problem with your eyes, you deffiently have to go the hospital as it can ruin your eye sight.

If you're thinking 'why should I trust a 14 year old" trust me, It's happening to me and it was the worse thing ever and I'm also a lot smarter then you think. The hospital is a lot more trust worthy then just going and buying creams from the chemist and still having no idea of what is wrong with you and if this is going to make you better. And rememeber some creams made me worse, I'm so sorry I don't have the name of it! Good luck.
That sounds horrible but also sounds very different to me and many of the other posts… unless you just got a much nastier type of infection? Hope you are better.
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I had the same thing happen  1 1/2 yrs ago and the doctors had no idea and perscribede some cream and a pill to take. My lips started out getting tingly and then the yellow scabs appeared and my lips got swollen. It still took about a week to get better. While pregnant I feel the onslaught of it coming on again and am not thrilled. I'm gonna try this and hope it works. Thanks!!
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this is called
its an infection when you poor of health.
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I have the very same thing, yellow scabs have formed on my lips and nose and if I peel them off, they seep. From researching online it really does look like these are cold sores. That explains why some of you will get it more than once as it lies dormant in your system and usually only re-appears when you are stressed or your body is busy fighting a different infection.

It is contagious, so when the virus appears try to avoid kissing others or sharing stuff like cups. According to official websites, you should try and treat it when it begins to feel tingly before the blisters form. I'm way past that stage so I am going to try your method, I don't want to go to the chemist because of the scabs so I am just going to have to make do with what I have at home. So I am using sudocrem as the antiseptic and some 2% antihistamine cream. I have my fingers crossed and will update later.
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It sounds like a have a very similar condition.  It started on one side of my lips, usually near the edge and seems to spread.  There is a yellow crust but it is so thin it basically wipes off all the time.  I had it for 4 months when I finally saw my doctor.  I have been using vasoline on my lips for the past 5 years and my dr. suggested changing to an SPF chap stick because it might be from the sun.  So far it's only been a few days and nothing has changed but I will give it another two weeks before I go see my dr. again.  
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Was tested for herpes in January and was clean.

Saturday, went hiking in the sun.

On Sunday night, I noticed these tiny bumps above my top lip and above my chin. When I squeezed, a clear yellow liquid oozed out. These bumps were very small. They eventually ended up scabbing and now (Friday), they are pretty much gone but the affected areas are now pink.

One of the bumps was filled with yellow pus as opposed to the liquid.

They never hurt and didn't really itch.

Here are the photos: http://s1121.photobucket.com/albums/l502/badbakht2/

What do you think this is? Thank you in advance.
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Yes this is not herpes you people are dealing with but impetigo.  I saw some people posted already that this is impetigo but I guess most of you didn't see it since the post was relatively small.  Anyways I went to countless doctors and many of them without any testings assumed I had herpes therefore I took a loooot of medicine for herpes but nothing worked.  Finally my last doctor she was smart enough to do a lab test and it came back as impetigo.  But the ointment she gave me (muciporin) did not work I have no idea if it's because it was a generic brand.  I was recommended by a colleague who also dealt with impetigo and she used Bractoban which is muciporin also but just branded.  So even though it is a bit costly I purchased it with of course I requested that my doctor to prescribe this exact brand.  And to my surprise it did work.  Now I constantly put on vaseline so my lips do not crack therefore no bacteria can come in and have the horrid impetigo crusting over on my lips.  Hope you all luck.  Just if you people don't see this and for those searching the web about it and this may be obnoxious but if it gets your attention then it can't be helped lol.  




if there's yellow weeping and crusting.
May I ask you a question? Can you apply muciporin in the inside of the lips where the lips touch? I have crusting on the parts of the lips where my lips touch. When I wake up in the morning the skin of my lips are infused together and when I open my mouth the skin on my lips rip open. That is when I have the crusting skin and the bleeding. Thanks!
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Wow, just googled my symptoms tonight after suffering for at least 2 years with this crap! I have eczema and skin allergies but I didn't think this was related since I've just started the impetigo symptoms recently (within last 2 years).

I'm going to see my dermatologist friday but I also wanted to check and see if anyone noticed breakouts after drinking from plastic cups or straws? After using either of the two I ALWAYS have a breakout.

Thanks for the OTC help!
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I am having the same condition with my lips and I don't know what is wrong.  I am going to the doctor today so I will let you know what they say.
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Hi everyone, Ive gotten alot of help from this forum , especially with the cortisone cream and anti bacterial cream. Worked wonders for my lips! I've had the same conditions mentioned on and off for two years now. I have a history of eczema as well. But recently I looked at an article about Atopic Dermatitis, which Is another term for eczema, but also includes yellow crusting and itching of the lips. I'm almost convinced this is what were dealing with. What do you guys think?
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I have the same problem and me being a model, this creates a serious problem. I have researched it and been to several doctors, and to be quite honest, none of them have any idea what it is or even what causes it. It seems to be different for everyone though... I am allergic to fruits and anything fresh. These set it off for me. Also cats and fresh cut grass do not help. Burt's Bees Chapstick is the only thing I can use that doesn't set it back off. But be careful. After many failed experiments, THICK chopsticks, even waxy Burt's bees ones keep the problem going. The mango Burt's bees and the silver capped nourishing ones are the ones that don't make it worse. I hope this helps.
Yep you sound like you have the same thing as me. Some people here sound like they have impetigo. I have what is called pollen fruit syndrome, my lips swell up from an allergic reaction and then the damned thing gets infected!
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I have the same problem and me being a model, this creates a serious problem. I have researched it and been to several doctors, and to be quite honest, none of them have any idea what it is or even what causes it. It seems to be different for everyone though... I am allergic to fruits and anything fresh. These set it off for me. Also cats and fresh cut grass do not help. Burt's Bees Chapstick is the only thing I can use that doesn't set it back off. But be careful. After many failed experiments, THICK chopsticks, even waxy Burt's bees ones keep the problem going. The mango Burt's bees and the silver capped nourishing ones are the ones that don't make it worse. I hope this helps.
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It is Impetigo and the Neosporin will work but Polysporin might not have stong enough anti bacterial ingredient in it.
the hyrdocortisone cream by itself doesnt help it only brings the redness down for awhile

Good Luck
PS if the sores on the skin not the lips hurt.. you probably have Herpes
Impetigo is mostly just itchy
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WARNING! Although I'm constantly on the web, I hardly ever make posts on random sites I browse and I usually just let nature take its course. Being especially bored at the moment and feeling like doing a good deed, I wanted to add some advice (which most certainly will be ignored). FLUOCINONIDE is a medium to extremely potent corticosteroid... Its a steroid hormone. It has no antibacterial properties. You may inadvertently spread your impetigo during application; if you indeed have impetigo and somehow convince your doctor to prescribe a topical steroid. If you are prescribed fluocinonide for a different skin issue, you are NOT to apply liberally throughout the day as a previous poster stated. It is most usually used once or twice a day, applying a very thin film to the affected area. At least take a moment to research what I'm saying before moving heaven and earth to get your hands on this prescription simply because you're panicking over some crusty lips. Not only will you spread the infection, but you will risk combining it with side-effects that will only make it more unsightly. Now that's off my chest you may proceed with your crusty lipped day.
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It is Impetigo. i have been having this problem, reoccurring for about 2 years now. And this time I was bound to figure it out. So I searched high and low and finally found this. It matches all of my symptoms, so I have self-diagnosed myself with it.
Impetigo is a bacterial infection of the skin that can occur just about anywhere, but is most common around the mouth.
It occurs when the skin gets raw and irritated from excessively licking lips causing extremely chapped lips.
Google symptoms and treatments.
I hope that helps.
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Hi - I think what you are dealing with is exfoliative chelitis - my son has it - and there is no cure that we have found - although many people are trying to find a cure on their own - you can go to ************ and search exfoliative chelitis - there is a whole community of people struggling with the same problem
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Hi guys. I have the same condition as the ones you've mentioned for appx. 2 weeks now. I got this problem when I dabbed alcohol on my lips which severely damaged them. haha. My father told me to use Medicated Chapstick for my severely chapped lips but it didn't help my lips heal but instead developed the yellow crust. The skin on the corners of my mouth also kept cracking. Sometimes I cried because of the pain. My father suggested to bring me to the hospital but I rejected because I was afraid of what the doctors (I had a bad experience with them) would make me put on my lips. So I researched on the internet for natural cures (because I don't like using commercial products). I found that honey was a good antiseptic/antibacterial and helps the skin recover faster. Also it's a good moisturizer. So I tried it. I used a q-tip to dab the honey into my lips and the corners of my mouth. It may sting a little at first. Wait for 10-15 mins and rinse away. Immediately after using, the pain disappeared and my lips became smooth and were not that swollen anymore. Then I applied my organic moisturizer and sunflower oil for vit E to the corners of my mouth and organic lip balm on my lips. My lips felt really great. A little sting will come back in a while though because the lips will quickly absorb the organic stuff I put so all I had to do was reapply them. But don't forget to wash ur hands first. This so far is my 2nd day following the treatment and it has shown great results just by using cheap but natural stuff. I think everything only cost less than $11! Also, try drinking wheat grass because it helps a lot in eliminating toxins and lots of water to hydrate the body. Hope this could help you guys. :)
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I use to have this problem for the longest time. Through out my school years, since 2nd grade. I moved from Colorado to a tropical island, and the heat did not help my skin conditions. I also have eczema. And am almost resigned to have it forever. I am already 25 years old. Thankfully my lips do not have this problem. This is so helpful!  I wish I read this years ago. My lips use to have the same problem but three or four years ago, they started clearing up and getting better. Also I noticed when my dental care went up, my lip problem is gone. I don't know if the bacteria in the mouth is linked to the cause of this? But once I cleared out all of the cavities in my teeth, my lips have gotten way better. Also I have five siblings, and we are very close, and eat from the same spoon, or drink from the same cup, but only 2 out 5 of us have this problem. My other 3 siblings do not get cracked weeping lips. Also since my lips have cleared up my dating life has drastically improved, and am able to kiss or make out with my bf. I guess what I'm saying is I don't believe that this is contagious? Because by now all of my siblings would have this infection. I also don't think its herpes, because I had this problem since I was a little girl, and before I was sexually active. My sister also has this problem up to now. And she has dental issues. My lips have been cleared for the past 4 years, with minimum breakout. I noticed that brushing my teeth does dry out my lips, but drinking alot of water helps, or I use carmax lip balm. Thanks everone for posting. I always was curious of what I had, and always thought that my sister and I were the only ones with this problem. She has eczema too.
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Currently going through this problem now. I have tried polysporin...made it worse. Now my entire upper lip is inflamed, weeping, and crusty. I have tried everything except what you used. I have gone to doctors and they don't know what it is...they did give me a prescription, pills to be taken in a day but didn't work. Will try the cream and post up an update. Keeping my fingers crossed.
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I just started having this drama! OMG it is awful. I'm having the same exact symptoms as I have read above. When I google IMPETIGO however, (especially the pictures), I'm convinced that IMPETIGO is not what is happening on my lips. EXFOLIATIVE CHELITIS is more of what is happening. My doctor did prescribe a type of cortizone and an OTC antibotic. When I googled EXFOLIATIVE CHELITIS, it helped me identify that I haven't been taking my multi-vitamins in over a month and the fact that I am peri-menapausal and current having a lot of hot flashes. My lips are getting better slowly.
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Thanks so much for posting exfoliative chelitis. This is exactly what I'm experiencing. I'm strying the antibotic ointment and cortizone.
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My lips have been doing the same! They're really red and chapped. I apply chapstick every few minutes which has helped but it's been going on for about 2 weeks. I wake up in the morning and have to peel a yellow crust off the side of my mouth. What is it called?
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I'm having the same exact problem. I have a cortisone cream already will that work? Or will a Rx cream called protopic  maybe work?
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I have severe food and outdoor allergies. I recently got this condition and went to the doctor. They prescribed a low dose of prednisone and it cleared right up; therefore, it was a lip allergy. However, it came back and I got super frustrated. I work as a nurse at a clinic so I asked my provider to look at it and she too said it was an allergy. I had a sinus infection as well and so she prescribed me a HIGH dose of prednisone and an antibiotic to knock everything out. I got better, my lips healed and I stopped using my toothpaste to see if that was the cause. NOPE. My condition is back because I have been off of prednisone for a few days. I refuse to keep taking prednisone because of the risks it comes with. I am at a loss for what to do next because I can't stop eating completely. My food allergies developed over the last 5 years and I have yet to pinpoint them so I don't feel like it will be easy to find the culprit. Time to go see an allergist after all.
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I have been having the same condition for a while now. First time it started out during the summer of last year. I visited two doctors. The first one told me she was unable to do anything and that I just had to wait for it to cure. After this bad advice I visited a second, who prescribed me hydrocortisone ointment (which you should never put on mucous membranes). So in short, both doctors gave me bad advice. Luckily, after two painful and embarrassing weeks, my lips miraculously cured.

However, three days ago I woke up with the same condition without any clear reason. Afte two days, my lips got so yellow and painful that I visited another doctor. He diagnosed me with impetigo, just as in some earlier posts in this thread. He gave me a medicin called Staphycid (500 mg), which is a penicillin in the form of capsules.  The active substance of Staphycid is natriumflucloxacillinemonohydrate. I have been using these capsules for two days now. Though my lips still hurt, they are not yellow anymore and I see some real improvement. I guess it will take a few days to get everything back to normal, but other than that it seems to work out fine.

To make a long story short: if you have the same symptoms as all the people above, there is a significant chance you have impetigo. Personally I advise you to see a doctor - not only to make sure you suffer from the same, but also because it is easier to get the right medicin by visiting one. I hope this helps for some of you, I have noticed this is an extremely painful condition, so I guess all the small things help. Maybe Staphycid or something with the same active substance might help you!
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If there are fluid filled bumps and yellow oozing liquid that form a CRUST, then it is NOT exfoliative cheilitis. Exfoliative cheilitis is marked by large flakes of yellow/brownish peeling skin WITHOUT the bumps and weeping.

I, being a licensed nurse, and several others on this forum, have posted over and over again that what most here are probably dealing with is impetigo, a HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS bacterial infection caused by the staphylococcus or streptococcus bacteria. Impetigo is marked by itchy fluid filled bumps that ooze and form a yellow crust on the lips, neck, hands, and in small children, the diaper area. They are usually NOT painful, just itchy, so if pain is involved it might be herpes/cold sores.

Good hygiene can help prevent impetigo, which often develops when there is a sore or a rash that has been scratched repeatedly with unwashed/dirty hands (for example, poison ivy can get infected and turn into impetigo).

Doctors can usually diagnose impetigo based on the appearance of the rash. Occasionally, they may need to take a sample of fluid from blisters. Impetigo is typically treated with either an antibiotic ointment or medication taken by mouth.

Impetigo is marked by:
Pimple-like sores on the skin, especially around the nose or mouth. The sores begin as small red spots, then change to blisters that eventually break open. The sores are typically not painful, but they may be itchy.
The sores turn into blisters that ooze a yellowish fluid and look crusty. Sores often look like they have been coated with honey or brown sugar.
The sores usually increase in size and number. Sores may be as small as a pimple or larger than a coin.

It is VERY IMPORTANT to practice GOOD HYGIENE. PROPER hand washing REALLY IS IMPERATIVE in preventing the spread of this infection. By proper, I mean washing with sudsy soap and warm water and making sure to wash well between each finger, fingertips, and going under nails with an orange stick. And all items of clothing and bedding, especially pillowcases, must be washed in very hot water.
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So I've had this experience twice now, where i start out with red bumps on my lips which lend a sandpapery feeling to my lips and seep pinpricks liquid if I press my lips together. In a day they are forming small yellow crusts and the corners of my mouth are getting worse. There is a tingling sting on my lips, especially around the borders. The corners of my mouth will be sore and crusty and will split if I open my mouth too wide. On day three everything will be worse, my lips will be swollen and an itch will start on my ear and back of my wrist. Day 4 has super swollen, painful, weeping lips and the bumps on my arm are more visible and a little itchy. My ear will be very itchy, hot and scaly feeling. My ear and wrist do not act the same as my lips, there is no liquid seepage or tingle, just itch. On day 5 my lips will be bump free but the corners of my mouth will still be painful. There are no longer bumps or seepage on my lips, but they still tingle a lot. The itch has spread to a larger area of my ear and there are more bumps on my wrist.

The first time this happened, I went to my doctor on the fourth day, after it had spread to other parts of my body and my lips were a mess. He said it might be impetigo but was more likely HSV-1 because of the tingling/pain on the lips. He took swabs of the yellow crusts and took blood to test for HSV-1.  He gave me acyclovir and an antibiotic to take until the tests came back and he knew which one it was. The tests came back negative for HSV-1 (oral herpes).

This second time this happened, I assumed I had impetigo and went to the same doctor, on the first day of symptoms. (once you have sandpapery tingle lips, you don't forget) and he said it was definitely not impetigo and was probably herpes. I reminded him that he said it was impetigo last time and had done blood tests. But he was sure it was herpes and gave me acyclovir again. He also took more blood for another blood test. I decided to get a second opinion and went to another doctor on day 2 of symptoms. I said my reason for being there was "impetigo? herpes?"  The doctor took one look at my lips (note that at this point, nothing had popped up on the rest of my body) and said that she knew exactly what it was because she got it too. She said it was definitely NOT impetigo OR herpes. She said it was caused by stress and vitamin B deficiency. I told her about it seeming to spread to other parts of my body the last time I got it, but she said that was probably something unrelated. I left that office with orders to take a vitamin B supplement, drink milk, use chapstick classic flavor, and try to have a relaxing weekend.

I think I need a third opinion because now it is day 5 and it seemed to happen exactly as last time, although my lips have reached an almost healed state overnight between day 4 and 5, the spread to my body is getting worse. It is spreading to most of the same places, but not all of the same places, the first time it spread of my torso and cheek as well. Last time I had antibiotics and I wonder if I need them this time.

Does not look like photos of herpes or impetigo I have seen on the internet, looks a little bit like angular cheilitis but has pain and is all over the lips and not just in the corners so is probably not that.

Does anyone know what this could be if it is not herpes or impetigo and acting differently on the lips and the rest of my body?

tl;dr -what gives you bumpy, tingly, painful swollen lips that seep yellow liquid, but also can cause itchy, hot, red ears, and bumps that only itch, do not tingly and do not weep on your wrist?
Probably too late for this reply.. but sounds like it could be from pollen fruit syndrome (or contact dermatitis, basically some type of allergic reaction), possibly combined with an infection?
I have since figured out that this was a reaction to the oil  in mango skins, this is apparently kinda common in people who don't contact mangos when they arekids.  If you have similar symptoms, Google mango mouth or mango allergy if you've been in contact with mangos, to see if it's the same thing.
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chiming in real quick to share what worked for me. had similar conditions (chapped/peeling lips leading to lip infection, pus coming out and drying, swollen lips, redness and itchiness spreading beyond lips). here's what i did that got rid of all this in a few days:

- polysporin over lips and affected red area beyond lips, to fight bacteria
- ibuprofen to fight inflammation and swelling
- multivitamins to boost immunity

what didn't work for me was hydrocortizone chapstick (resulted in constant peeling of the lips) and aloe vera (burned and increased redness on areas beyond lips).

all in all the most helpful was the polysporin. would apply liberally and try to wash off and do a new application frequently.
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The same thing is happening with me. I am also using omega 3 and multivitamins which seems to help. My doctor prescribed me antihistamines and antibiotic which was not working well and fast so I used corticosteroid with antibacterial ointment, it is giving me relief from weeping of lips and the rash is gone, but I am having sever dry skin around mouth that seems to be stretching towards lips in a way that I am unable to open my mouth with out tearing corners of my lips. Did you go through same? what did you do about it?
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I have suffered from this where I would wake up with a thick yellow crust on my lips which was weeping. Very distressing and even more so as it was a few weeks before my wedding day. After lots of trips to my doctors where some doctor prescribed me blisteze !!! Was like rocket fuel on my lips! I ended up going private (£150) as soon as I walked in to the clinic, the doctor said it was eczema and prescribed me Eumovate (steroid cream) within 2 days my lips had healed!! I still get this condition from time to time which I think is caused by stress.
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Dear everyone!

I started having these same symptoms, as well: sores, weeping, clear yellow crusting. I found that when I eliminate all gluten, sucralose, and some berries, the symptoms disappear. As soon as a I have any wheat/ bread/ splenda/ berries, it comes back.  It's not impetigo, it's an allergy to something in the food. With all these GMO's god knows what the genetic manipulation is doing to us! Anyhow, you can't always control what is in your food, especially when you eat out. If I have a flare up, i do use cortizone cream to clear it up, but I hate using that stuff, especially on the face. Cut out all the processed foods, especially the diet sweeteners, and wheat/ gluten stuff, and you'll see.  Give time though, it takes months for this stuff to really leave your system, and even a little soy sauce (gluten) can trigger another reaction. Good luck to us all!
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Hello everyone!

So, I was reading this after a recent breakout of mine to see if there was any new information on how I could more efficiently handle my reaction, and it seems that applying an ointment like Neosporin might help in addition to the hydrocortisone cream.

It's called Candida albicans, a natural digestive flora in the yeast family found in your digestive tract that feeds on sugar. An imbalance causes a hyper release of toxins and toxic byproduct which results in a variety of symptoms, the small bumps, yellow discharge, and irritation included. Because it feeds on sugar, it actually causes you to crave it, making the reactions worse. It's a catch 22.

Avoid sugars; that means fruits, breads, any simple carbohydrates, and, of course, the obvious ones like candies and desserts. Eat things that have been fermented and take probiotic supplements to help get it under control long-term.

To treat it, I've found that drinking cinnamon water before bed and before breakfast works wonders. Detoxing helps as well. I do oil-pulling with extra virgin organic coconut oil, which literally pulls toxins orally, and makes your skin look amazing by the next morning. (These are personal results - every person's hormonal composition is a unique cocktail, so I can't make any guarantees, but I highly recommend at least trying what I've suggested.)

For more information and professional medical advice, check out these websites:

The Ultimate Candida Diet:  http://www.thecandidadiet.com/
Oil Pulling:  http://www.thecandidadiet.com/oil-pulling.htm
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Hey I wanted to ask how is it going for you. Have you gone to the doctors after the post?
I have the same issue as you except it hasn't spread to any other parts of my body. A year a go I got tiny little bumps on my lips that made the same sand paper feeling, tasted almost salty, that oozed a clear liquid. Then rapidly just a day later the bumps got bigger and they oozed the yellow honey looking liquid that would crust over. The doctors thought I had herpes also but they were wrong.
I asked a dermatologist if he could treat it as if it were impetigo and he said that if he did he believed it would get worse. So he prescribed me protopic and clotrimazole & betamethasone dipropionate and they both help. Protopic I use every day bc it's doesn't have harmful steroids. But my lips would break through every week and a half so then I would use the other one which has steroids for a day or two and it would go away. And then the cycle repeats it's self.
Im getting pretty sick of this issue . I'll see a specialist this Wednesday and hope she can help. I'll report back if she is of any help.
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what if you do don't experience the itching , just pain. But you were tested twice, one form the culture and a blood test and they were negative for herpes. They also gave me pills to treat it as if it was herpes and there was no improvement.
The dermatologists don't know what it is but know that it isn't contagious, I've had it for a year and none of my family members, or my boyfriend, has got it.
It has not spread either, it always only on my lips.
Can a food allergy cause me to have such symptoms like this? I swear it's ecthyma.
Would you recommend any topical creams or pills?
Would a biopsy be helpful?
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I've been having this problem off and on for a few years now, but it's only gotten bad this year, 2014. I can't understand why different medicines work for different outbreaks when my symptoms are usually the same. Sometimes the crust is worse than others, sometimes the crust isn't hardly there. It starts out as a red patch on an area of my lip and spreads to patches covering both lips usually by the end of a day or 2 days. It will feel crusty and sand papery if I put my lips together. Sometimes it itches like crazy although it's currently not very itchy but burns a little. Only ever affects just my lips and can never pin down a cause of why it happens. The only thing that definitely causes it is using almost any lipstick or chapstick so I exclusively use Aquaphor and Carmex now. Over the summer carmex seemed to stop this overnight and I'd be ok for a month or two, but it'd come back. What is this?? Two doctors didn't know. One guessed it could be herpes but when I went back earlier this month when it was bad she didn't think it was herpes anymore but didn't know what it was. One doc gave me Muiprocin which seemed to hcure it the first two times after 1 or 2 weeks but not lately. Last time it seemed to respond immediately to Muconizole, a drugstore antifungal, but this time it didn't seem to help and my crusts are worse than they've been since my first outbreak of whatever this is. It doesn't really look like impetigo, chelitis, herpes or anything I can find pics of online. I can't understand how to fix this or why it happens. I'm in great health otherwise, healthy weight, could eat more fruits/vegetables but don't eat a lot of fast food, 25 yr old female. This doesn't seem to be contagious as my fiancee refuses to stop eating and drinking after me and he has never shown any type of symptoms. Help!!!!
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Oh my goodness. Basically, two weeks ago I got bumps around my mouth. I thought it was a cold sore because I tend to get colds really easily since my immune system is low and I am most definitely not a 5 a fruit and veg a day person. Thus, I left it thinking it would go. Man, was that a bad decision, within 3 days I had a burning sensation (it killed) around my mouth and my mouth was pretty much swollen. I was obviously convinced to go to the doctors, so I did. My doctor mentioned I had a contagious virus (did not give a name) because I seemed to have spots on my feet and hand as well. My doctor gave my flucloxacillin and this cream to put around affected area for relief. My goodness did it help! Within a week of using it, I felt much better and so stopped using what was prescribed to me. However, a few days later I woke up with yellowy crusts around my mouth and it looked disgusting and I just want to cry. I am unable to even. I still have the cream that the doctors gave me and I am applying it now. I just do not know why it has just reappeared?! I hate this so much and my college is already angry at me for missing days off due to stupid infection. I have a feeling this is more than a non-bollous impetigo, for me anyway. Will be going to the doctors tomorrow for help. Will keep y'all posted.
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I like this site because it gives me hope for my daughter who is suffering from some"similar" symptoms to some of those posted. It seems like many post,"I have the same symptoms" yet all of the posts are a bit different.  I've looked at pictures on line to see if the conditions already listed look similar to what my daughters looks like, but they don't.  She has had swollen, red, weeping and yellow crusty scabs surrounding her mouth.  She is addicted to chapstick.  She is sensitive to gluten, dairy, yeast, and sugar and has not had these in her diet for the past year.  The doctor prescribed an anti fungal cream which has done nothing, but make the condition worse.  I am going to try hydocordizone  cream with antibiotic cream and see if it helps.  I wish we could post pictures.
i tried the antifungal. had the same thing.. the antibiotic and hydrocortizone would help because its a secondary infection of impetigo..and it itches. but the culprit, the reason why this allergic reaction is happening being eliminated would stop the recurrence.
and those antibiotics overused no good. try keeping them clean. applying lanolin(as long as not allergic to that) and let the body heal it. and try an allergy medicine until the allergin is found and eliminated. good luck. i believe everyone should have access to this information!
Thats sounds exactly like the thing i have right now but im not sure if i should go to the doctor with it then
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I had similar symptoms to the original poster.  Thought it was a case of angular chelitis/perleche as I have had that before.  Typical over the counter Lotrimin antifungal cream works but this time it did not.  Went to dermatologist who prescribed Naftin 2% antifungal cream and Mupirocin 2% antibiotic (to address any secondary bacterial infection).  Use small amounts at corner of mouth as they can irritate sensitive skin around the mouth if overused.  That still didn't fully clear it so she then prescribed 7 days of Cephalexin 500mg antibiotic and Desonide 0.05% ointment for skin around the mouth.  That seems to have cleared it.  I'm using Aquaphor ointment to keep my lips moist.  Doctor thinks it may have been perleche plus secondary staph infection.  I also am taking a multivitamin, Vitamin B 100 complex and Vitamin D supplement  and drinking lots of water.  Hope this helps!
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i really do enjoy reading everyones post.. i have one now.. i was dealing with the same thing. my bottom lip formed a red circle that became a little itchy/ tingling with tiny blister bumps on it; however, it was filled with clear water or whatever. the next day, it formed into a yellowish crust. the thing is, this blister thing formed the very same day, later on that day, at night.  3 or 4 days later, i go see my doctor and get a blood test, 2 weeks later or so, i get an email saying i have the herpes virus 1. i was sexually active that day yes, but i was also in a hot tube, and i was also in a steam room that smelled like vicks. i use chap stick A LOT because my lips get chapped, but im scared that im have the HVS 1.. what do yalls think?
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EVERYONE I HAVE A WAY TO TREAT THIS!!! had this issue... went to Doctor... sent me to dermatologist!
Dermatologist perscribed mupirocin ointment USP 2% and Desoximetasone Cream USP 0.05%. told me to mix the two and put on lips... also perscribed MethyIPREDNISolone Tablets USP 4mg! WORKS LIKE A CHARM... possible food allergy/ dermatitis I recommend!
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Brothers and Sisters~ i've suffered the uber swollen lips followed by cracking, scabbing, peeling, dryness, skin around lips red and open...and the secondary infecions of impetigo when staph and strep, normal bacteria get into the open lips.. i tried all kinds and the least irritating, most soothing thing was coconut oil but it wouldnt seal the lips. PURE NATURAL LANOLIN seals the cracks and prevents the bacteria from getting in and lets the skin heal and keeps away the peeling. slather it on after you was your lips with clean water and a gentle antibacterial soap.
after doing the candida diet, vision quests, hydrating, mediation(so this was really a gift) two doctors have diagnosed it as allergies. try zyrtec or something, keep the lanolin on, schedule a patch test with a dermatologist to determine the culprit if you cant pinpoint it. ive had a history of excema so this makes sense. sometimes adults can develop allergies we didnt have before.
thank you for being here on my journal to an answer and i hope this helps anyone here!!
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*BEST - I hope that EVERY person who has these types of lip problems, will read this information.  It will take care of your problem in short order.  Most health professionals, especially Conventional doctors, and holistic doctors, Will not get this one, and it is the reason, most of the time that this "lip problem" keeps coming back, regardless what you do.  First, let's identify the usual symptoms, all of which are present within 48 hours:  - 1. Lips swell largely, to 2-3 times normal. 2. Lips tingle/burn. 3. Overly Dry Lips, with scaling skin on, below or above the lips. 4. Weeping - yellow and/or clear liquid coming from the lips upper or lower (either or both).  5. Sometimes inside mouth raw feeling on gums around teeth. 6. Sometimes throat or sinus irritation, like getting a cold.

What is usually diagnosed as some type of Cheilitis, Impetigo, Eczema, Rash, or even allergic reactions to other things, like food, cosmetics etc., is NOT.  Not in all cases, but in over 90% of these cases, it is none of these happening - and the reason for re-uccurances days, weeks, months or years later.  What is at the Root of your problem, is a STREP INFECTION (bacterial), that ORIGINATES most of the time, in the stomach.  Sometimes, it's in other areas, like the lungs, throat etc.  Yes, the stomach, and can be there for years, without detection.  It surfaces by moving up through the upper extremities, to soft tissues like the lips, mouth, throat, nose, sinuses.  Strep is highly contagious, and in fact, most people have it floating around in them, and don't know it - until something triggers it, usually a little emotional stress, which you also may not even be aware of.

CURE:  We've found that our VERY BEST cure, is NOT antibiotics of ANY KIND - or lip creams, hydrocortisone, fungal creams etc.  This actually increases the yeast factor immediately, and does not get rid of the Strep, and actually prolongs the bacteria until later.  With drug antibiotics, symptoms may appear to recede for awhile, but will reappear later again - and then you also have the yeast problem to deal with, which can actually aggravate the problem and other problems even more.
COLLOIDAL SILVER, is the only thing we'd recommend, to get rid of the problem, for Long Term.  
Buy a bottle of Colloidal Silver at your health food store, any brand will do.  TAKE 10 DROPS PER HOUR, until the bottle is gone.  You'll see the symptoms begin subsiding within a few hours.  Colloidal silver stays in the bloodstream and kills all the Strep bacteria within your entire body, for this is NOT limited to your lips or skin irritations.  It's coming from within your body.  You can keep your lips moist with some type of lip balm, whatever works best for you, without burning as much, until the lips begin returning to normal, because the Colloidal Silver is killing the bacteria right away. Until you kill the bacteria inside, the symptoms on the outside will not subside, or appear to subside, until later.  Google Colloidal Silver and educate yourself.  Even if you are suffering from any other type of bacterial infection, this will help your entire body.  The yellow or clear discharge from your lips, or peeling, is evidence of bacterial infection, and the culprit is in over 90% of the cases, is a form of Strep.  Problem solved, usually within 48 hours.  Colloidal Silver also helps anyone who has problems due to a Virus of some kind, like simple Herpes Simplex, etc.  Drink at least 1 gallon of water every day religiously......even after you're healed.  Additionally, we'd also recommend a good B-Complex vitamin daily for awhile, even some Zinc, especially for men, so that your immune system can process the stress more easily, without the immune system manifesting an external problem (most people are way deficient on B's - the stress busters).  Good health to you.
......additionally, in some cases, it may take up to 5-7 days to subside.  If your lip or above the lip or below the lip is cracking & dry with yellow crust, then you can use some Neosporin on those areas a couple times a day, while you're taking the Colloidal Silver.  You may need a couple bottles of Colloidal Silver (500 ppm), in extreme cases over 7 days or so.  Strep is a very feisty, tough bacteria, especially when we've had it a long time, at the organ or stomach level..... so have a little patience and let your body and the Colloidal Silver, rid itself of it once and for all.  You can't expect it to go away and not come back again, if you just treat the outward skin symptoms with creams etc.  You HAVE to treat the bacteria on the inside of your body, where it originates from, along with the outside, together.  Your immune system will heal it through it's own intelligence... with a little help.
Am I suppose to take 10 drops of 500 ppm of silver every hour. Or is that for 10 ppm?
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Lip Mercy is my personal cure.

Symptoms: Lips start out numbing to the touch, tasting somewhat like iron, near invisible dots/bumps start to form at the corners of my mouth and spread to the rest of my lips, could end up getting red, itchy, and weeping with yellowish goo. But I start applying Lip Mercy at the numbing stage and it never gets bad anymore. Heals quick.
I've been having the majority of these symptoms for over 3 months now. All around my mouth has been extemely red and swollen, which sometimes I wake up and find it has covered itself in yellow crust. There is a very uncomfortable tingly sensation, and there are minute red dots on the upper lip. Doctors have given me steroids, flucloxacillin and daktirin which helps temporarily but again this morning I have woken up to painful bottom lip. Any advise is appreciated. I'm a 19 year old female and am relatively healthy. I am booked in with the dermatologists now because my doctors are clueless, but that is not for another 3 months :(
I have been having regular symptoms for two months now, but started noticing minor symptoms starting two years ago. This year was the first time I had any swollen pain. I definitely recommend Aquaphor for temporary relief, I never let it get to a point of soreness anymore when I use it! Any aquaphor works, but there is an spf one for your lips if you go outside and have exposure to the sun. It can only help by keeping your lips hydrated for long periods of time  (nearly all night) so they don't get sore from reacting to dryness while you're sleeping, or figuring out your diagnosis.
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I have had the same symptoms as described in the first post (swollen top lip, followed by tiny almost non insistent bumps, followed by a clear weeping that then scabs into an easy to remove with water yellow crust). Pretty certain it starts of as an allergic reaction (normally I am outside in summer or eating a fresh vege salad when my lip starts to tingle and swell). Then after a few days (not always) it turns into the above mentioned disaster! I believe it is POLLEN FRUIT SYNDROME (Oral Allergy Syndrome or OAS). Caused by a cross reactivity with a pollen and seemingly unrelated raw foods. Then the darned thing gets infected! However some people here sound like they have other things as mentioned in previous posts. Think I'm going to look into some more natural treatments (as I get this **** way too often), taking homeopathic stuff, natural antihistamines combined with an antiseptic treatment on the lips (I have just mixed up some honey, yoghurt and tea tree oil for a type of 'mask') but think I will try a bit of coconut oil mixed with a few drops of tea tree and Vit E oil for during the day as i'm worried my lip balm is part of the problem. Curious about the Collodial Silver (however the above post doesn't mention concerns with taking it internally, so I will investigate this further first) although I don't think in my case it is a Strep Infection there is definitely some type of infection happening and continual use of Antibiotics is never good for you. Then the next step is getting tested to figure out exactly what i'm allergic to.
Did you ever figure out what you were allergic to? Also, any homeopathic remedies work? Thanks!
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Ivd had this happen a few times in my life. First time i was about 22 happened after shaving,face and lips got really dry so i used carmex on my lips.. the second i put it on it BURNED like hell, i would take it off and put it back on a few hours later. Anyway all the symptoms described would happen. Its ugly and kind of painful. Fast forward to now im 28 and dealing with it again after 3 days of using carmex it popped up. Im using aquaphor on my lips a very thin layer and after cleaning around my lips with warm water and soap i apply witch hazel a very genorous amount. It seems to help dry out and i know its very good with any infections.
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