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acne, extremely oily face

I have acne since the age of 13, and I'm 21 now, ive tried every possible method, but they didnt help as much. i began to eat less spicy food and fast food also, but it didnt help much either. and now i think one of the reasons is that i have way too much oil on my face, it causes many breakouts. i also tried many oil control products, but they didnt seem to help much. ive also tried some medications that i saw on the internet, i ordered Zenmed, and i began to take it few days ago, but soon after i started it, my skin is unusually dry that my skin on my face, my neck, even my palms is peeling?! i dunno if thats the thing that caused me peeling? i dunno whats wrong with me. cuz nth seems to help.. please help!
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Diet doesn't have much impact on acne.  Eating oil doesn't make your skin oily.  I don't know what's in Zenmed, but I can't think of any ingredients that would cause your palms to peel.  I recommend that you see a dermatologist.  There isn't any good way to make oil go away, but you can minimize the breakouts easily in most cases.  Meantime, I suggest that you avoid any potentially irritating products.

Take care.

Dr. Rockoff
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