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acne/clogged pores on upper back, shoulders and neck


As the subject indicates, I am hoping you can help me with an outbreak I have of sorts. The best way I can explain it is that it seems like the pores on my upper torso, as well as some spots on my forehead and neck, mostly in and around the hairline, develop these tiny bumps.

When I squeeze the bumps, small clear balls come out of them - almost like the oils in my skin have congealed into a semi-solid ball. Sometimes they clog the pores and I end up with acne in those areas as well.

I tend to have oily skin, perspire pretty easily, and have a history of cystic acne, though it has decreased considerably in recent years (I'm coming up on 33 this week).

I try to wash my back thoroughly when I shower, which is at least once daily. Still, no matter how I wash my back, or the other affected areas, I cannot get rid of those "bumps". They're annoying, they feel odd and when they develop into acne look pretty unsightly and can tend to be painful at times.

I'm curious if there's a particular type of soap I should try that might help rid me of these? Some type of medication, etc? Preferably something over the counter. I do not have medical insurance currently and it would be costly to go to a dermatologist until I could get coverage. So, any advice short of a visit to a dermatologist would be very appreciated.

Thanks for your time!


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I'd have to see you in person to be sure, but I think the bumps you are describing are normal anatomy that you're aggravating by squeezing.  No soap will matter if you don't.  I suggest you leave the spots alone and see a doctor when you think you can.  It should only take one visit to corroborate this.


Dr. Rockoff
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