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antibiotics and cultures

2 brothers had a rash appear (and after swimming in a public pool) it has become severe and after several visits to a couple of different doctors it has been diagnosed as a staph infection. They are currently taking antibiotics for this. However, a skin scraping was not taken. Now, the health dept. and the parents are requesting the test to identify exactly which bacteria it is. Will the results be altered by already having the antibiotics on board?
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I am not clear when the 2 brothers had the rash.  Was it before or after they had been swimming in the public pool?

As the doctors diagnosed a staph infection and prescribed antibiotics before a skin scraping was taken, depending on how many days they have been on the antibiotics and if they were prescribed the correct one, the skin scraping may not show any bacteria now.

If the 2 brothers got the rash after swimming at the pool, it may be a reaction to the chemicals in the water.  My grandson comes out in a rash every time he was taken to the swimming pool in my town, but not when taken swimming at a different pool in the next town.  I enquired about the chemicals that are added to each, and they were in fact different.  

It is right that the health department has got involved and that the chemicals in the water in the pool is checked.
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They swam before the rash. The grandmother who took them mentioned that it was VERY warm in the building. (Indoor pool) This is what leads us to suspect the pool as a possible source.
I suspected the possible affects of the meds on the test.
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Most indoor swimming pools are much warmer than in other parts of the leisure building.

I trust the leisure centre checks the water regularly and that the environmental health department will also be testing the swimming pool water to make sure that the balance of chemicals is correct and the leisure pool is complying with the guidelines with regard to the correct amount of chemicals that need to be used in the size of the pool.

If  the children have not used that pool before and they were fine before they entered the water, it is highly likely that they are allergic to one or more of the chemicals used in the water.

The chemicals are necessary to avoid getting serious health problems like polio.

Are the antibiotics helping the condition?  If the pool water is the cause, the skin problem would have settled down eventually on its own.  Had an allergic reaction been diagnosed, an antihistamine may have been prescribed.  Did the children have any other symptoms other than the skin rash?

If the skin scraping is done after days of the start of the medication, then what the scraping would show is if there is still any bacteria left.  If there is still some, then the antibiotic is working but the course needs to be finished.
If there is no indication of bacteria, then it would mean either that the boys had the infection and the antibiotic has cleared it, or that they did not have the staph infection.

Hope the two young chaps are feeling better now.

Let me know what happens.
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Thank you so much for you're comments, advice, and concerns. I will post updates soon.They're going for the cultures today.
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