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black dot on inside of hand

I found this black dot located on the palm of my hand.  It is a very small black dot and is "buried" in my hand (inside of palm closest to the pinky finger).  There is skin on top of it that is perfectly health, no bumps, etc.  What could this be?  Could it be lead from an accidental pencil poke ( I do not remember if this occurred or not) or could it be a wart?  It has been there for a while, maybe even a year or so.  I never really paid attention to it but I would like to know what you think.

Even if the skin is perfectly healthy on top of this, could it still be something like a wart?  If so, would it be contagious if it were located beneath the skin like this?

I thank you for answering each of these questions for me.
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Warts are on top of the skin, so it's not that.  It may be a freckle or mole, or perhaps you are right about the pencil (though there may be no way to prove it.)

I very much doubt that you're going to have to do anything about this, but to satisfy your curiosity, you may want to show it to your doctor next time you see one.

Take care.

Dr. Rockoff
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I have a black dot at the base of my left forefinger, have had it for ages. I think it may be pen or pencil, that may have migrated.
Never moves or gives me any trouble.
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My mom has little black dots on the palm of her hands...They start off like a blister then they turn into black dots...After that the skin starts to peel off...My mom and my aunt does it...What could it be???

                                                                      Thank you,
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