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I have what appear to be blackheads under my eyes and on the sides of the nose, close to the face.  I wash my face every day and I use a scrub pad and some scrub-type cleaners as well as moisturizers night and day.  I got a facial and the person could not do anything to the ones under my eyes because of the delicate skin and she could not get to the nose ones because of their tight location.  Some have minimized over time but now I have a larger one under my eye that is kind of clear and is pointy.  The others look more like rounded bumps. What is this?  I think it's blackheads.  How can I get rid of them?
Thank you.
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Scrubbing the face although may be effective for whiteheads and more superficial whiteheads, may not be advisable for deeper blackheads or those more difficult to extract. Also, the areas under the eyes are thinner and loser and may be more fragile or sensitive.

To extract or remove blackheads, there is a need to open the pores. However in doing so you also increase the chance of infecting the pore and thus ,aggravating the situation. Using creams and lotions, pore strips and other fast OTC methods may only further irritate the skin.

You may ask your dermatologist about this. This may be done slowly at one step at a time, giving the blackheads time to become a bit more superficial, making it easily removed or extracted.

Here is a url which may provide some more information and practical tips  about blackheads: http://www.acnetalks.com/pimple/Acne-Treatment/Herbal-Natural/Homemade-Blackhead-Removers.htm
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