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blisters on face

I am 42 and I have never had any acne or facial issues.  Over the last month I keep getting blisters on my chin, my cheeks, under my hair in the back of my neck.  What is this from?
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If the blisters are reddish bumps with yellowish centers then these may be acne or folliculitis. Folliculitis refers to a bacterial skin infection that involves hair follicles. They may appear as reddish bumps that may be tender or painful. They are also contagious.

If you shave frequently, then this increases the risk of acquiring folliculitis. Cuts on the skin may facilitate bacterial infection. Acne is a likely differential here. Other skin conditions we need to rule out are fungal infections and dermatitis. These conditions however may present with a patch of redness ,itchiness and scaling.

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This may be solar irritation, infections, dandruff or rosacea.

You can provide us more information on this condition to help us understand the cause of this condition.

Solar sensitivity may appear at any age and is typically caused in the sun exposed areas.

Infections are caused by bacteria or fungi and may appear at the base of hair follicles.

Dandruff may also present as blisters caused by clogging of the skin pores and then lead to development of blisters.

Rosacea presents with inflammation of the T area of the face and is realted to solar exposure.

each of these is a distinct entity and may need analysis.

However, you may avoid the sun, use minimal cosmetics, and apply some OTC anti-infective agents.

let me know if you may need more information.
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these are small blisters, I one set is in a small line, they are popping up all over my face and have been for the last month.  they do not itch.  
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