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brown raised bumps around eyes

My granddaughter has small raised brown flat bumps around her eye - they now look like they are starting around her other eye
how do we treat - he is hiding her face with her hair because of this

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How old is your granddaughter?

Warts may be considered here. Although they are commonly associated with the hand and other areas of the body, common warts may also affect other areas. Filiform warts are more commonly found around the eyes, the face and the neck.But filiform warts are not flat.they may appear to be slightly elongated with a stalk.

I suggest that you have her consult a dermatologist. In adults, xanthelasma may present as flat yellowish bumps near the eyes. A thorough examination will be able to ascertain what could have caused this.

Does she have any similar skin conditions in other parts of the body?
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I just found this site. I too have these little brown bumps forming around my eyes. They are also showing up under my arm pits and I have some in a weird pattern on one of my ankles. The ones on my ankle have been there for many many years. I would say the ones around my eyes ( maybe 3 or 4 ) have been forming over the last year or two. And just noticed the new one that showed up in my armpit. I just always thought it was from aging. I am 32 years old.
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Well I don't have Filiform warts. Just checked out what they look like. Not even close. Mine are very very small. You wouldn't see if unless u where right next to my face. It looks like extra skin growing you can grab it with a tweezer but you can't pull it off. It would hurt. I also went to see what xanthelasma looks like it's not that either.
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