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bump on scroutum

i have what appears to be a white skin colored bump on scrotum skin i had it since i was young before sexually active

-the bump is on top of skin sticking out painless sometime itchy not sure if the bumps or being man with urge to itch maybe 5 times a day
-when i pinch and roll there no ball like feeling
-ive tried popping it but its just a soild bump of skin no pus
-description its round but pearl white and smooth like a pimple no puss if you tear it regrows never red or black
-i recently used wart removal kit and freezed it and it didnt go away in fact 5 more tiny ones grew and the one i froze doubled its size , the spread wasn't clustered its in random spot spread out

i researched gloged pores and cyst and warts and forcyde spots non have the appearance . i almost think there warts but tiny and smooth but what do you thing
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Oh. My other problem could be scarring from childbirth and in my vagina.and on cervix.. so its not related to the iveractive sebeceous thing. Soo. When i was very young i noticed my skin was smooth. And when i hit puberty i got these folicle spaced lumps sometimes i could squueze sebum sebaceous stuff out. I was told not to squeese them. Didnt make them go away... they are kind of just like having oily skin there...hm. i was told it was fine. I havent had any problem till now and i think what im conerned about it unrelated and actually feels a bit like scarring or a cyst on cervix thing if anyone knows about that?

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Scince just after i got my first period and before being sexually active (so hormone related) i have found ( and been told by doctors) that i have some normal overactive sebaceous condition. On my nether female regions. This is what i noticed. Ive noticed it on most male partners if not all. Ive accepted it. Had a healthy child and been fine. Im 32 but now i seem to have other problems. Im really not sure what they are so im going to the doctors hopefully. Soon . I tried to post this to another female that was concerned as i know my own ecperience and have scince lost her comment after creating and account(my voice) so im reassuring u instead
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