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bumps on scrotum dont know what it is

a while ago I noticed some bumps (5) on my scrotum and also there is some itching, so I went to the "free" clinic where they do STD testing, I had some blood tests, and visual test for HPV and Herpes, and non of the test were positive, Because they did not run actual test for HPV just visual, I tried home remedies by taking immune system booster and tried OTC wart freeze off.  I tried 2 times and the home freeze kit only killed off the "good" skin on the bumps,  the condition has not got any better or any worse for a several months so that probably rules out herpes, + the fact that bumps dont really blister up.  there is no large rash like I see on pictures of ringworm, just peeling bumps, so I dont know what it is.  the bumps kind of peel or scale once every 7 to 8 days.   If you scratch really hard, you can remove the entire bump and are left with some really red colored skin underneath.  then about 2-3 days later the red skin scabs over, then around the 6-8 day range a layer of skin or scab peels off. If you dont scratch the bump all the way off, the bump kinda looks like a white colored scab and then if you scratch it, a layer of skin will peel off and it looks to be about the same color as the surrounding skin for about 3 to 4 days, then eventually another layer of skin peels off again.  I am wondering if this is some kind of fungal infection, or actually some kind of peeling warts?  I have treated with OTC antifungals for 2 weeks and showing no signs of change, I'm assuming that I may have had the condition for several months before actually noticing it, as I am not sexually active for an embarrasing long time,   I would go to the doctor but I have been unemployed for 8 months and am on the verge of bankruptcy and I dont want another $500 doctor bill.  I would appreciate any ideas
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