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bumps/rash on face

I recently noticed these clear, non-itchy, bumps on my forehead and all over my face. I've had them before and they went away but this time there are more bumps and it has spread to the side of my face, under my nose, on the outside of my ear, and on my chin. I have not changed anything in my make-up routine, lotions, perfumes, or medications. The bumps are not red and don't itch. I have been washing my face with mental soap and warm water. I have no clue what cause the bumps/rash but I would  like to figure out a way to treat this. Than you for your help.

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(I don't recognize the term mental soap.)  My first impression is that your skin pores are becoming blocked (dirt, cosmetics?), and the bumps are the result.  

You may wish to consider a more thorough nightly cleaning routine (perhaps followed by some skincare lotion as a thorough cleaning tends to dry out the skin).   I urge using a very mild soap such as Olay's handsoap bars, (it contains 1/4 cold creme or somesuch).   Olay's PROx is pretty good if you're into gadgets (there are some youtube videos reviewing such gadgets and their effectiveness).
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whoops, I meant mild soap!
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These bumps/rash all came at once, very suddenly. So I was under the impression that it wasn't acne or blocked pores due to dirt or cosmetics. Could there be another explanation?
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