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butt chafing

I am not proudly THE KING OF CHAFING! Why?......I have been chafing since I was 19 years old I am now bout 2 be 22 and I don't mean chafing off and on I mean eevvveeerrrryyy siiinnnnggggllllee day within those years I have suffered this burn from my buttcheeks even as we speak, powders really help the pain but don't cure it except gold bond yes its icy cool but it also burns worse then it already did.Up until last week I have never seen a doctor about it cuz I was embarassed but thinking I was finally going to get it fixed he tells me to leave it alone for 7 to 10 days and I was pissed cuz I could have figured that out myself!He told me not to use powders,do not scrub your butt with soap cuz it leaves residue causing irritation..basicly just let it heal by itself but I cant cuz when I just walk for more than 10 seconds without powder it starts a fire down there how is it supposed to heal?I cant just lay there airing my *** out for 10 days so basicly im screwed,I'm not fat at all n I lift weights when I don't hurt as bad somedays BUT 1 thing I did figure out is that my cheeks are kinda 2 close to each other cuz I looked at my girlfreinds but and she kinda had a tiny gap between her cheeks n mine was smashed together like a grilled cheese sandwich but the doctor said that that shouldn't be why cuz then all overweight people would have this problem 2....Hmmmm why wont mine heal!Please someone give me an answer!!!!!!

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I understand you are highly anxious about this but if a diffrential for your case will be a dermatitis and a fungal infection then these skin conditions may persist for quite some time.Dermatitis and some forms of inflammatory skin reactions may be mind boggling for most physicians.These are complex skin diseases with a genetic and autoimmune component.Some forms of skin conditions may even be aggravated by stress. Constant rubbing of the skin and  increased moisture in the area may encourage intertriginous yeast infections.I suggest that you have a culture of the skin scrapings done to ascertain if a fungal infection is causing your symptoms so this may be managed accordingly.
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Thanks for replying but The funny thing is I dont have no rash no bumps nothing at all on my bum the only thing that shows up is redness and thats only when I move around for awile cuz when I wake up im fully heald but as soon as i take a shower its back hmm maybe my butt is alergic to water or sumthin,and yes its at its worst when it gets moist but its always going to be like that cuz my *** dont breath!Ive tried going back to boxers n waiting for 7 days it didnt do a damn thing but cause me pain.What kind of a disease can i have for 2 and a half years?Nobody so far has come close 2 how long ive had this and there aint no exact answer cuz the doctors have opposite opinions i just want to walk and move about without pain its rare coming from a skinny person.
Candida or Jock Itch, which are basically two sides of the same coin.  In other words, a yeast infection.
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I'm a skinny person and I have the same problem.  I am walking around for 10 hours a day at work and the chafing develops when I get extra sweaty (like now in the summer).  I havent really tried to put anything on it, except once i tried my daughters diaper rash cream and it just burned like hell and made it sticky.  So I've decided to just tough it out, but if someone has some kind of solution I would love to hear it.  It seems to be much worse lately which is why i searched it on the internet and found your post and what you describe is exactly my situation (gone when i wake up - no rash or bumps, just redness -).  Also my butt cheeks are smashed together too.  Have you came up with some kind of treatment?  I have had this for a couple of years, but it's not everyday, just when I get really sweaty.  By the end of the day i can't hardly walk without being very careful.  
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Hi there,

What you need to try is Lanacane anti-chafing gel. That will heal it in no time!!!

Best of luck

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I am a small person and have had redness, itching, chafing and bleeding for over 5 years now. I went to the doctor and she seemed embarrassed and said if was from my vagina. I knew this was not true. She had not desire to help. I had a male doctor that gave me an RX for some cream once. I helped temporarily. I have to use toilet paper with lotion to keep my butt skin from tearing. I also use wet wipes to clean the area after wiping then I dry it. This keeps me from going insane from the pain. The other problem I have is insane itching. I can’t stand that. I keep thinking that it’s trying to heal. But I know it’s just a symptom of the problem. Can anyone help me?
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Can you get chaffing from sitting in a bathtub for like two hours while the shower is going ?
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