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can a mole come be scatched off or picked off accidentally?


I had the strangest thing happen a few days ago regarding a small, dark brown, ever so slightly elevated mole on the side of my knee.  I had several chiggar bites in the same area - all around - and possibly on top of my mole.  The chiggar bites were itching horribly, so, I applied Ear Dry (Isopropyl Alcohol 95%) to the area several times a day for several days.  I also applied some Locoid Lipocream to the area, and Benadryl spray.  The chiggar bites dried up, and stopped itching, thankfully.  However, the mole  appeared to "dry up" or "shrivel up" as well, and as I scratched the area, the mole just came off.  It didn't bleed - but now what is left, is a small, scab-like, pimple looking sore, that is pink/reddish in color.  It does not look infected, or strange in anyway.  It doesn't hurt, but looks nothing like the mole that was once there.  I am not too concerned, as I had pointed this mole out to my dermatologist in May of this year, when I was there for a skin check.  She said it looked fine (this was obviously when the mole was still intact.)

Could I have dried out the mole/area so much that the mole was scraped off when I scatched the area?
If so, is this something serious that I should have checked out in person???  

Thanks very much!!!!
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Maybe it was a keratosis rather than a mole--that could dry up and fall off in the way you describe.  I can't think of anything serious this sequence of events could suggest.  Check with the dermatologist who saw the mole, for additional reassurance.

Take care.

Dr. Rockoff
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