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chest rash

14 days after having oral protected insertive sex accompanied by fingering (albeit with a small cut which was not bleeding but i believe scabbed) i developed the rash shown in the attached photos.

the rash is mainly in the chest and back areas. i had been out doing some water sports wearing a rush (polyster) vest earlier in the day).

is it possible that this is ARS/HIV rash? or is it heat rash? the only other symptoms have been a cold (sore throat and blocked/runny nose) which started around 3/4 days after exposure and which is now dying out...

thanks for your time

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As much as I can tell from the photos, this looks like  heat rash or possibly a viral rash.  There are plenty of summer viruses besides HIV, though.  I suggest that if the rash persists for another 2 weeks, show it to a doctor.   Meantime, there isn't any specific treatment you need to do.


Dr. Rockoff
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Thank you for your reply

I showed the rash to my GP, after explaining my exposure. he diagnosed it as heat rash and gave my lipikar syndet (anti irritation cream gel for dry skin). however i am not sure that he has ever actually seen HIV rash...how can one distinguish between HIV rash and heat (or other) rashes?

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It likely you have allergic contact dermatitis, caused by the polyester in the vest. Take an antihistamine such as Piriton. Use bland cleansers on the affected area and apply hydrocortizone if necessary.
Save sexual contact for someone you can trust and who's HIV status you know is negative. The fun you had has been spoiled by the worry you now feel.
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Actually the rash is going away now - i showed  it to a doctor at a GU clinic who was not worried about it.

Yes, you are right. Although the Dr Hook has told me that the exposure i had was not risky, the guilt feeling is another thing.
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