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chicken pox vs std rash

first of all sorry for my english.
three days ago i woke up having an overall feeling of 'unwellness'.  i had body pains all day long and in the night i got some fever. symptoms were relieved after i took some 'anti flu' pills and tea.  
the following morning i woke up with like 7 watery pink bumps in my chest and back.  two days after, i had the same bumps in my scalp, stomach, and even my penis.  all have the same look (like a water bubble).  fever has not come back and bumps only itch in my scalp.
my family doctor saw it and said it was chikenpox, however, 62 days ago i had protected sex with a SW.
i never had chickenpox when i was a kid, but timing scare me a little bit.
my questions are ?
1) can this rash be related to an STD?
2) can chicken pox be mistaken for an STD rash and viceversa?
3) can chicken pox not itch?
thanks for your reply.  highly appreciated!
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Dear exitdr,

I understand your concern.

Given your history, the most likely possibility is chicken pox.

The rash in chicken pox consists of small, water filled lesions in the centre surrounded by a halo of redness. Such rashes appear first over the chest and then gradually spread all over the body. Itching is usually felt after few days of the rash.

The rash is also preceded by fever and malaise.

On the other hand, sexually transmitted diseases do not start with a rash and when the rash caused by a sexually transmitted disease usually do not itch. They usually manifests as an ulcer over the penis or burning micturition.

1) In all probability, the rash is not related to an STD.
2) Generally, a rash caused by chicken pox has a very peculiar presentation and can easily be diagnosed by a physician or a dermatologist.
3) While in the initial few days, the lesions may not itch, the itching starts as soon as the lesions start drying off.

It would be helpful if you could send me a picture of the lesion. It’ll help me help you better.

Hope that this information helps and hope that you will get better soon.

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Best Regards,
Dr. Bharat Chawda
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hello doctor, thanks for your reply.
here's an update of my status

bumps are now all over my body (100+), except hands, feet and few on legs.  some even in my penis and lips. still with minor itching.   im taking a medicine call bivrox.
it seems that every time i look in the mirror there is a new bump.
I put a photo in my photos section as i don't know how to send it or attachthem through here.

i'll try to send you some more once i figure it out.
regards and thank u!

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