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chronic burning in rectum and vaginal area of an eighty-eight year old female

My mom has been on Gleevec for the past two years and has had no side effects.  However, for the last six
months she has had constant strong burning in her rectum area, vaginal area and inner thighs.  Her eye lids
and both ankles and feet did swell a great deal.  The swelling in the eye lids went away.  She has been going
to physical therapy for the last month for her feet and ankles.  The ankles and feet are almost normal size.
She has been to several family doctors and about six specialist to find some way to relieve the burning
feeling in the three areas mentioned above.  Each doctor writes about three prescriptions and says that
they don't know what the source of the burning is or they all frankly say they just don't know.  Is there anyone
in the medical community that can offer help to my mom.  She is very uncomfortable!!!

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