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chronic rash?

I have been battling a rash for about 3 years now.  It comes in spurts that last for months then it clears up for a while.  It starts on my back and spreads to my shoulders, neck, and my chest.  It starts as small papules and itch profusely, then they look like small blisters.  I went to one dermatologist and he thought it looked like a drug reaction, I changed my medications, took steroids and an antibiotic for secondary infection, It seemed to clear a little then came back.  Had allergy testing, found out I was allergic to dairy, I completely cut out all dairy, no change. Tested for lupus and syphillis, negative.  1 year ago my physician tried me on ketoconazole because I had what appeared to be a yeast infection under my breast, then the rash started all over again.  It worked, it completely cleared it up in two weeks, Its back again!  Now I have not been feeling well lately, nausea all the time, abdominal discomfort, night sweats, I get lightheaded at work alot and my heartrate just jumps in the 120s out of nowhere.  I have checked my blood sugar at work here and there when I get these flashes but it is always within normal limits.  The only history I have besides the rash is asthma.  I am a 33 years old female and weigh 165 at 5'4".  I am an emergency room nurse so I am around alot of nasty stuff. I do have a lump near my collarbone, it's peasize and it moves.  The last time my doctor checked it he said not to worry about it.  What do you think.  I am young...Why am I getting these horrible rashes?  
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The rash responded to the antifungals given you, is this correct?

This may be a case of dermatitis or an allergic reaction to unknown triggers. Rash may also be sometimes due to stress and other environmental factors. Have you been under a lot of stress lately?

You have mentioned of abdominal discomfort and tachycardia. I suggest that you have your blood pressure assessed. An EKG and 2DEcho will be able to help rule out a cardiac involvement. A complete physical examination is necessary. Let us not treat the rash as a separate entity. It may be associated with the other symptoms you have been experiencing lately.
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