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dark area between thighs

I have a darker area between my thighs and butt cheeks.
I am a very clean person and can not seem to get rid of this problem.
Can anyone give me some advise on how to get rid of it???
I do not have insurance and cannot afford to go to a dermatologist.
I have bought cream after cream and still no change.
I am so self contious when me and my hubbby are intimate, he says he knows im a clean person and that its just from where my legs and butt cheeks have been rubbing together for so long.
I have been losing weight but its not been a dramatic weight loss, little by little over the years.
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i have problem with in between my legs dark skin and between my butt cheecks and i looked it up and it says lemon takes it away! so im gona start doing it. at least 3 times a week let it dry off! hope it helps giving this tip.
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Try using vitamin E cream over the area as this will smoothen the skin and also keep the skin moisturized. Dark pigmentations may be due to constant rubbing or irritation.Hormonal imbalance may also play a role.A contact dermatitis or an irritant dermatitis caused by irritating and abrasive agents may also lead to darkened areas on the skin.

Stick to a regular weight loss regimen and use only light and unscented creams .Organic whitening agents like papaya and vitamin C may be beneficial.Avoid using several products at the same time as this may only further irritate the skin.
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