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differin and oily skin

I've already posted this before but i find the need o post it again.

about a yr ago, i was on duac for my acne and that cleared me up. However, i thought i was becomin dependent of it and so i got off. My skin became normal and verything was going well for bout a month a or two. I was just washing my face with regular water and not touching it. Then it came back and haunted me. i started breaking out again.

A month ago i went to see the dermatologist (no insurance) and he gave me differin.They seem to be working ok. BUT 've noticed that my skn is extemely oily now for some reason. LIke i mean after 1hr its drenched. I think im breaking out again to b/c of the oily skin. i hav little blackhead breakouts on te side face and a severe case of blackheads on my nose, which is the most oily part.

I was my face in the morning with 10%BP clean and clear and moistorize with olay spf15. At night,  wash my face with clean and clear dail pore cleanser and pply differin. Has any1 ever use differn? What was your expreience like? I am going to the dermatologist again 2moro to c what he will say.


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Differin feels very greasy when you apply it, so only apply it at bedtime. Dermatologists have found it to be the most effective topical acne gel, especially when used in conjunction with an oral treatment like oxytetracycline.
Olay creams can be quite heavy. I recommend using cleansers and moisturisers by Roche-Posay which are excellent. Eucerin also make a good anti-bacterial cleanser which is compatible with acne treatments. Another product I like is the moisturiser by Lutsine Hydrafnia which is for acne prone skin which is undergoing acne treatments. Loiloi x
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