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discoloration on foreskin

hello doctor,

i am a 29 year old male. i am uncercumsized. i have never had and am sure i do not have an std.
i have noticed some redish discoloration on the inside of my foreskin visible when pulled all the way back. the area is about half the size of a dime.
thing is i can remember this being there as long as i can remember. but recently i read something about foreskin cancer and became alarmed.
i keep the area very clean. there is no smegma or anything secreting from it. it does not look like a rash, there are no raised bumps or pain. just a bit of redish color.
does this sound alarming? or is this some scar type thing i may have done to myself?
if so do i go to see my regular doctor first, or a uroligist, or dermatologist.
thank you for your advice.
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A foreskin cancer would be more likely to be a growth or an ulceration, rather than a red discoloration.

Still, I think a doctor whould take a look--a dermatologist or urologist should be appropriate.

Take care.

Dr. Rockoff
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