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dry skin on penis

I was sexual active with a girl in Oct 2008. I developed 2 very small areas of dry skin on my penis and one on my scrotum. One eventually developed a scab and they other 2 just healed. There was a general tingling/itching senasation on the sides of the shaft of penis and the botton on both sides of my scrotum. Also my anus itched intensely. I went to a local health clinic and was tested for chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, HIV, Hep B/C and all came back negative. The doctor at the health department that it may have been herpes, but said the areas seemed too small. I was blood tested for herpes soon after and that came back negative.

In December '08, I did get dry patches similar to what I had on my genitals on my ankles and the back of my knees. It has not happened since.

Periodically my anus still itches, even when the dry skin is not present and my penis/scrotum still tingle/itch. The dry skin will appear on my penis(not the scrotum) every 2-3 months and last 10-14 days. After sex or masturbating, the areas of dry skin turn an intense red and are slightly raised. I was blood tested again for herpes in June 2009 and that test came back negative as well. I do not currently have health insurance, so I have a feeling that specialist will be very expensive and the health department seemed useless.

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This does not look or sound like an STD or herpes.  It may be irritated from rubbing or it may be a skin condition called lichen planus which is not an STD.  The only way you are going to know what this is will be to leave the area alone--no picking or rubbing--and seeing a doctor in person.  Sending pictures over the internet will not give you a definite answer.

Dr. Rockoff
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http://www.flickr.com/photos/42510350@N03/3921826246/              - pic.

The areas when rubbed and turn red seem to be like a slightly raised ring with a dimple in the middle. Otherwise, they look like dry skin that shimmers in the light and have no real defined area other than what shimmers in the light. Please let me know when you have viewed the pic as I will delete it.
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im sexually active with my boyfriend.. since november 7 2008 he has small red bumps on his pelvis and on his penis and has developed a weird dryness on his scrotum.. im scared... but i went to the doctors and he said i don't have anything.. and i shouldn't be worried.. i dk
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