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dyshidrotic eczema - Very large blisters on palm

2 weeks ago I started noticing very tiny little blisters forming on my palm. A couple smack in the middle of my left hand and many tiny ones all along my fingers. My right hand wasn't so bad, there were just a couple of them on the edge. I saw a walk in clinic doctor 2 days later who said it was "dermatitis" and asked if I was stressed or touched anything lately. Stressed? maybe, I had finals coming up but honestly I don't know what caused it. He prescribed me Betaderm and I was told to apply it for 2 weeks twice a day which I have been doing. I searched up on the internet what I had, and I am certain it is dyshidrotic eczema, as others have posted pictures of what I have. Now some areas have dried up but most are still there. However, it has particularly gotten worse on my right hand. I now have large blisters, they are not painful but they look gross and makes it look like I have some sort of disease and I have become self conscious of it in public as I don't want people to think I am contagious or something. Anyways, I have attached pictures, should I be concerned that this is the state of my blisters right now? Has anyone experienced this before, and what did you do?
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I had something similar many years ago. They said it was eczema...then they said it was hives. They gave me some really strong allergy medication and it went away...so I'm guessing it was either allergies or something in the pills killed whatever it was.
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