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facial hair

I am a 65 year old male with little or no facial hair and would like to grow a beard. I have seen articles on hormones that will promote facial hair growth. can you inform me on whats available  ?
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Basically, there is nothing that you can do to increase your beard development. Genetics and hormones are the major determinants of an individual's beard development. Unless you suffer from a hormonal imbalance, generally there is no medical treatment available to increase beard growth. If you have any doubts or concerns, you should consult a physician and possibly even an endocrinologist and

Adolescent and young adult males can reasonably expect that the development of their facial hair will increase over time. Genetics and hormones, however, remain the controlling factors. The timetable varies widely among individuals. Some may develop fully-mature beard growth in the teen years, while others may not do so until their late
twenties. Still others may never develop appreciable beard growth.

Let us know if you need any other information .

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take care not to invest too much faith in accepted medical understanding, what we may be told today is myth or fact may be undermined tomorrow. Now I'm not suggesting shamanism it's just well, I'm 29 now.
For a black guy I'm somewhat untypically hairy - a heavy headset of hair from infancy (so much so I was assumed to be a 'girl with beautiful hair' which my mother plaited', early pubic and armpit developement by 11 followed by broad chest hair at 16 and back hair in early 20's. The catch is, my father has mostly sported a prominant tash and Tom Sellic's influence has meant I've aspired for my own beard since young - a huge preoccupation with facial hair and through puberty most of my friends beards were developing healthily. Until fairly recent my beardline has been sparce, patchy and shallow if at all existant. It was a triumph when I could count 'proper' hairs on my chin. I have honestly exhausted MANY shaving methods, convinced it influenced what did or didn't sprout from my face.

The long and short of what I'm getting at is that nursing a beard (whatever can grow, leave to grow then grooming then shaving it off altogether then repeating) has genuinely seemed to impact on increased development. Initially over a year ago, I only experienced itching in my beard months after I left it to grow (a scraggly mess on my face). Through this process of beard nursing I now wear a definable tash and short goatee. And interestingly, within a day or two after shaving, that insufferable itch plagues my beardline - I find it extremely exciting, for me this is new. I really hope this has been of some help and hope someday we'll both be sporting a Merlin.
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