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flaky, lint like mites/bugs

I recently notices that what i thought was dandruff, are actually tiny bugs. They are very very small NOT LICE. I found them when i had my contacts on, my eye became irritated, i examined my eye and removed a tiny light brown flake placed it on a mirror and spent a lot of time looking at it cause I thought i could see it move. Upon closer examination i found it had legs and did move slightly. So i checked my eye lashes, its extremely difficult to see them but at an angle I could see then attached to my lashes and brows. I FREAKED OUT! I washed my face several times. I removed some but could not rid them. I then checked my hair and sure enough they were in my hair but these were slightly bigger. Some are white or almost clear. and others a little darker. I use to be a Pre-School teacher and encountered several cases of lice on children so I am familiar with what they look like and these are not lice. They are similar though, they stay close to the scalp and move and attach from hair strand to hair strand easily. Shortly after I noticed I am just infested. My 2 daughters and my entire home are aswell. They are all over my clothes and especially noticable in our bedding. What do I do. What or where can I go for help.  dont have a vehicle so i dont want to get the runaround by physicians. Riday I am considering ER due to my daughter feeling nauseous and vomiting. And last night right after dinner I had sever stomach cramping then diarea w/ cold sweat. I tjought I was going to pass out. Worst of all they were in my stool. What kind of physician will exam properly? Any suggestion? Comments? Recomendations? PLEASE. HELP. US!
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It can be due to body lice. According to CDC(centre of disease control), Intense itching (“pruritus”) and rash caused by an allergic reaction to the louse bites are common symptoms of body lice infestation. Wash the Clothing, bedding, and towels in hot water and dry them in sun after machine drying them. Topical permethrin or Lindane cream may be needed which are available by prescription only. Treatment of scabies is the same i.e permethrin.

It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your dermatologist. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.

FINALLY! A medical professional who isn't afraid to acknowledge the existence of parasites!
I don't understand why it is so taboo! We are mammals! Of course we get parasites from time to time!
Thank you for your honesty.
I have not been able to find lindane.  I have heard it can be quite useful in treating skin nematodes as well as athropods.  Anyone know where to purchase this? I've also heard that pokeweed is a good alternative to lindane.  
Demodex-the ******* who posted earlier needs to be educated.
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This sounds like an episode of "Monsters Inside Me". Their case was bird mites. Very interesting episode.
That's exactly what this is
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The cause of delusions of parasitosis is unknown but it has been classified as a monosymptomatic hypochondrial psychosis.
Families can share the delusion.
Central to the diagnosis is a fixed, false belief of a parasitic infestation. Patients are usually fully functional in all other areas.
Do consult your doc.
This is quite ignorant- are you a dermatologist per chance? I live in U.K and have same symptoms. How with different experiences and exposures do I have the same imagination of what these parasites look like? It is impossible! I have been to Mexico and I'm convinced I got it there. I have hair like parasites, small black dots, flesh coloured ones and transparent ones. If it is all in my mind, I have to say my mind is very powerful. It created a scratch across half my back yesterday and a load of the filament type ones came out on cleaning. P.s. I have no nails so wasn't caused in my sleep. This problem is REAL and is affecting more and more people. We need to be taken seriously and it needs to be investigated! It is ruining my quality of life and ability to focus at work.
I've been dealing with the same problem I live n Ohio I feel like it is killing me I am trying to to find different ways I find myself using chemicals to take a chemical bath and it says right on there and hazardous may cause cancer it has the skull with the two lines on it I just don't know what to do anymore they are now in my eyes covering them in my ears I felt them all over my body I caught them at Flint Ridge nursing home in Newark Ohio I'm scared why do they attack me and not my husband or my son I don't know if I can live like this anymore I've went to my health department two different places they thought I was crazy I don't know where to go or who I could turn to they're inside of me and I'm scared I don't know what to do please help you can email me or you could tell me how like everybody else is wanting to know if somebody know something please let us all know terri740
Hay im scared im feeling the same ting...exactly ypur story...ive been infested on my scalp for almost a year...these things took. Over my complete scalp and head now its working down my face i fwel them all ovwr...when i wat sugar or large amounts of caffeine i activaye the
I absolutely am suffering daily and it is NOT my imagination.My dog is even affected/infected....I don't know. Have been to 4 doctors 1 an ER whom the doctor told my husband it was medication induced hallucinations.Bullomey!!!! The lady who put my meds down in my chart put that I took 2 30 mg ER Adderall each day. I only take 1 30 mg tablets. So I am in the process of getting that cleared up, all the while having 2 different pest control people here .One found 0. The other found plenty but could not identify. I am peeing out random floaty stuff and also the other end has the same and more. Primary care drew blood tested for worms. Stool sample ( cleanist 1 ever seen by me lately)  (well the past year ). 1st dermatologist said scabies w/o ever looking at my bites. The second one along w/ primary Care said dry skin, the last doc said to go immediately to ER as she saw bite on my right upper arm muscle and I have diminished strength in my right side. So I will take my dog to get and go 1 more time to dermatologist before I go crazy. It's awful, my husband also has it but he says he doesn't.  I have lost 40 lbs since Christmas, my dog and the 2 cats are losing weight and my husband just started to lose as well. There is something bad wrong and no one to reach out to. One person told me to call county health department. So my last ditch efforts I will share. I want to tell 09.9 % of you all are NOT. CRAZY.. don't let anyone make you feel that way.  Peace and love and good by to those brown stick things, white or translucent spider things, for some reason they seem to like pennies??? But I find white filmy stuff growing and the. It will be gone. Brown masses of things just growing anywhere . They live to get in my ears and bury in. Not the inside but just a hard spot to get to on the outside. It's just too weird. No one wants to view your poop. But dang..... I believe I did figure 1 out. It starts as a v shaped white (rare brown) it's thing but each point has a round tip. Then I got a shirt and noticed that they grow into slim white V w/o tips.  Then they get bigger????   Help.  I probably put this in the wrong place I do not think like I used to. Help?????
You do know lice exists right? And your assuming someone is imagining it is just bad.
I so agree with you. Have been dealing with it for years. Took a fungal medication called terbinafine for six months and it’s not cured but definitely slowed it down. Use apple cider vinegar on wounds and coconut oil on skin. Stay away from to much sugar or carbohydrates. I definitely believe it is gut related. I was also taking probiotics. Refrigerated ones strong ones. This is still affecting my joints and bones thinking of going back on fungal medication for 3 months because I felt cured on the medication and it hasn’t seemed to get as bad as it was in the beginning. Your not crazy or having delusions. That’s just what dr. Says when they can’t find an answer. It’s called being damn lazy and I don’t give a damn! So sorry your dealing with. God has also giving me much strength and love during this process so I would definitely pray a lot. If you have a group of people that would pray for you too.
I have encountered this problem also, its so microscopic.  What I was surprised, only me is infected - not the rest of my family.  I have seen one of the cat was infected by this and the eyes of the cat was totally damaged. This cat was sometimes coming to our house and infected the carpet and it transfer to me.
So sorry to hear about your cat- have you taken your cat to the vet?  Were they able to help?  Have you seen a doctor about your health concerns too?
The cat eye problem makes me think some kind of nematode.  Possibly toxocara cati/canis.  Other roundworms infect the eyes and skin and lots if not all are zoonotic.
Look up mold and morgellons group on Facebook and follow the protocol. It will cure you. Really.
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Fur mites. Better known as cheyletiella mange. Its walking dandruff and can be found on dogs cats ect. Usually just plain flea products should kill it. If you have a pet take him to the vet. Or it could have been someone else's dog, stray cat.
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Please look into mold infestation, I believe everything You're a going thru is due to black mold and you likely have mold poisoning, I'm about 7 months into it and experienced exactly your symptoms.. the little bugs you're describing thrive on mold and eat it which is why they go hand in hand.. look up and immediately start using Apple cider vinegar for washing your hair, body etc.. borax and white vinegar for clothing..  it's an incredibly long process.. Oh and invest in an air purifier, a good one. I only just bought one days ago and wish I'd done it sooner.. good luck I feel your pain xx
Bingo!! This one is correct. Just found out about mold from infestation. What's worse... Fungus gnats will dig their back ends into your laundry (1st time I noticed) and YOU & PETS. They then hatch inside you! Pulled one out of my dog few nights ago, had seen small baby ones crawling out of cat skin. Is really gross. Look up picture of black fungus gnats, larva, etc.... There is a video on YouTube that lady caught full grown one, put under microscope and it WAS ejecting "stuff" from its tail end.
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Well I dif a lot of research on this subject of posted several comments on this page well I think I found out what they maybe I think they are some sort of springtail and mint Listerine jerks them straight out of your body and it's like the gate open once you damn put it on there so try it and please tell me how it works for you
Correcto, mine started as springtails, turned mite, and then - because of so much mold- all fungus eating bugs come to feed. After 3 years of being poisoned, organs collapsed, cysts, tumors, polyps, growths, = hoping what has kept me alive and gives me a chance at life IS all the parasites feeding off the fungi, mold, etc growing inside. The fungus gnats are major!! Didn't put the pieces together until pulled one out of dog like a botfly, had saw little babies infesting my cat, gnats and tiny flies everywhere... Not fun
Go to the mold and morgellons support protocol on Facebook and follow it will get you well
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