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flat white patch on lower lip??!

Hi, I have a flat white patch on my lower lip that is off to the side. It's irregular shape, but has a defined border. It's not raised, nor does it hurt. Through looking at past pictures of myself, it's seem to have been there for a couple months, but looking like it's more pronounced now as I just noticed it two weeks ago. Seems like it appeared when my lips were chapped from dry wind and sunshine since I'm outdoors a good amount in sports and activity. My lips are always dry and I am always applying chapstick and licking my lips. I do not smoke. I drink alcohol once a week. I am in my early 30s. It looks like it will turn into dead skin and I can peal it off, but it hasn't peeled. What could this be?? Thank you!!
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It sounds like it might be thrush. You could look it up and see if the description fits, and try an otc treatment if it sounds like that might be it. Regarding constantly chapped lips, how is your vitamin B intake?
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Hi thank you so much for the response. I thought thrush was only in the mouth or on the tongue? I am a new vegetarian (about 10 months), so actually quickly readying some things on the internet, I'm probably not getting enough vitamin B.
If your lips are always dry and you're always licking them, I wouldn't entirely rule out the possibility of thrush.  But there are other possibilities, too. Have you looked online at photos of Fordyce spots and ruled those out?
I have looked online at Fordyce spots and it doesn't look like those because they don't look like small bumps - it's more of one gradual, irregular flat surface. It looks like skin I can peal off, but it's not raised really. I peeled off a very small corner piece off just to see how 'on the surface' it was.
I didn't put chapstick on my lips for most of the day and the white spot became VERY white, so do you think it's chapped lips or something??
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