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okay so in going though the forums I'm glad i'm not the only person in the world that has this "genital folliculitis" issue
i never had this problem untill I frist started shaving my genital area, and like any other american i also have participated in unprotected sex.(don't act like you haven't). Any way, When the issue started to bother me, becuase i thought I had Herpes I went to the Doctor and she told me it wasn't herpes and that i just had Folliculitis. In my head i'm like...That's a real word? She sent me home with advice to always use a fresh razor and keep the area dry and clean, and well I do that, and yet the situation seems to stick around. i'm realy insecure about the situation and every time it seems like no one ever asks what it is. but still I feel like even if I said it's Folliculitis, the average germaphobe american man isn't going to believe me anyway.

I have looked up like every picture of herpes and Folliculitis imaginable, and the discription of symptoms and visuals match Folliculitis, and I also don't have bumps or lesions on my inner or outer vaginal lips, which I'm assuming if it was herpes, I would.

So the Golden Question

can I use Bikini zone or other kinds of razor bump products and expect success with this clearing up?
or do i have to risk burning my vagina off with Vinegar like everyone that has it in normal places suggests?
Also if i switch to waxing which I am sure would be the most painful experience in my life next to child birth, do I have a better chance of never developing Folliculitis again?

And i gotta be real, i just want all of my Vagina to look smooth and flawless.

Answers would be appreciated.
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In future, when shaving the bikini line, get some facial scrub and vigorously scrub bikini line area twice a week. Also wear loose-fitting underwear and clothing.

If your skin is prone to folliculitis, then waxing will aggravate the condition. Folliculitis and ingrown hair are common even after waxing. If you still want to go in for waxing ,then apply cold compresses(ice cubes wrapped in a towel) on the rash and take some antihistaminic like Benadryl or claritin. You can also apply calamine lotion on the rash. It will help in soothing the skin. A mild corticosteroid cream like dermacort will also help.

Also you can go in for laser hair removal which causes permanent reduction of hair and does not cause folliculitis also. Please consult a good cosmetologist/dermatologist for that.
I hope it helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing or if you have any additional doubts. Kind regards.

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