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generalized itching

Over 2 years ago after moving to a new property I have suffered awful all over body itching. The condition is not linked to any foods/body cleansing products/emotional states etc. I have had tests on my liver as well as antimitochondrial testing and no one can seem to find a cause for it. The itching is worse when wearing close fitting clothes and someones the itch is accompanied by sharp stings like someone has just stuck a pin in me making me jump. The itch occurs all over every inch of my body except vagina. Temperature changes which result in goose pimples make the itch even more prolific. Generally my skin is hyper-sensitive, even a tiny hair touching my face feels unbearable and induces immediate desire to remove its contact. There is no rash or visible signs on the skin at the time. The itching comes and goes whenever, wherever - it does not subside once leaving my home and sometimes starts when away from home. I have tried different brands of washing powder, do not used perfumed products and always rinse things thoroughly.

I am not on any medication, do not do drugs and do not suffer from any mental health problems. I do however have breast implants but these had been in situ for over a year before the itching began. Apart from the symptoms listed above I do not suffer from any other problems.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions please?
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Itchy skin without any rash can be due to dermatitis, lice, scabies and hives, internal diseases like liver and kidney disorders, diabetes, iron deficiency anemia, irritation and allergic reactions to chemicals, wool, soaps, cosmetics and certain foods.

Wash the areas and wear cotton garments. Do not use any cosmetic products at the sites. You can apply some calamine lotion at the rash as it will help in soothing the skin. You can take some OTC oral antihistamine medications like Benadryl or Claritin and see if it helps.

For mild-moderate symptoms a weak steroid may be used which is available under a dermatologist’s guidance.
In case the symptoms persist then consult a dermatologist in that case and get systemic infections ruled out.

It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.

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You just described me!!  I feel for you!! Please tell me if you found any relief?  It's agony to be trapped inside this itching body. I describe this torture  like my blood itches w/ random pin prick sensations. Struggling off & on with this over the past years it is increasingly getting worse.  I have done the whole nine yards...elimination diets, supplements, acupuncture, exercise, no dyes, perfumes, etc,etc. I have spoken to Both holistic & western medical professionals ( I promise you they would be more interested if They were the ones ITCHING)! I have been told to take anti psychotic medicines  (frankly that offends me) I  want to live my life / not be drugged. My saline implants ruptured & I'm scheduled to have them replaced but am suspicious if they're to blame??  I would happily have them removed if, I can regain my quality of life... Thoughts & comments greatly appreciated. I pray you found help!
I have been searching everywhere for someone who is experiencing what I am. I have had mine in for almost 2 years. And the itching began a year in. Everywhere but mainly my arms n legs. You described exactly what I am going though. Its been around 4 years since you have posted. Would love to hear how you skin is now and if you know for sure that your implants were the cause?
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