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genetic thick dry skin on hands and feet

My fiance has very thick dry skin on the palms of his hands and the bottoms of his feet; it's like the whole palm or sole is callussed. I know it's genetic, almost everyone on that side of the family have it. What is it?
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There can be many causes of such thick skin on the palms and soles. These include keratoderma, achalasia, dermatopathia pigmentosa reticularis(rare syndrome characterized mainly by increased skin pigmentation, thickened skin on palms and soles and reduced sweating), icthyosis or palmoplantar keratoderma.

To confirm the diagnosis please get it evaluated from a dermatologist.

Hope it helps. Take care and regards.

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Did you figure out what it was? I have something similar on my feet but can't seem to get to the bottom of it - thanks!
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I have the genitic condition too, i was born with this, my mum has it and her father had it, i have another sister who has it too, my other siblings didnt get it..I have it on the souls of my feet, and palms of my hand, its hard and appers cracked and dry, i have to scrub  it and use a good oil or cream to keep it less dry etc, appartently the skin grows about 100% faster then , it peels about twice a year, my mum found out the real name for it, so i will try and get back to you this, another  family member who has has tried to track its history. People often ask me what it is and think its just dry skin not genetic, it would be good to get rid of it, specially come summer and wearing heels, but if i keep up the scrubbing etc,someitimes you can hardly notice, a pediastrist can also scrub away the skin, on a funny note in my family i can hold hot things longer then others, but i too would like to know more, and if it can be fixed.
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This condition is common on my husbands side of the family. I'm researching it, and trying to help him treat it. I'm curious to know if you have curly hair. It seems that the people affected in our family all have curly hair. Straight haired members aren't affected. Weird genetics, huh?!?
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I have the same thing. I got it from my dad and he got it from his mom. My aunts and uncles have it to. It skips arouind in our family, not everyone has it. Some gals some guys and some only have it on teh feet others only on their hands. Makes me wonder if everyone that has this are related closer than we think.
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Hi guys,

I have it too! has anyone come up with a name for it?

My great granni had it, my great dad, my mom and me ( and a couple of other ppl in my family).
To keep it clean and not too noticeable I do have to scrubb, exfoliate and moisturize as often as possible, not a big deal,  I am used to, been doing it for the last 25years. (I am black female , with afro textured hair).

Please keep us posted if you find a name. Thanks

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I have had severely rough hands since I left the womb. It is so embarrassing to be a female with hands rougher than most men.  Over my years I have been the test dummy for out of this world hand treatments and lotion concoctions.  Some of the products worked well & softened my hands for about 15mins TOPS & I was back to the rough, dry hands I had before the treatments.  I thought all hope was lost until tonight!!  I started reserching injections wondering if there was something that could stimulate the glands in my hands to produce more natural moisture... I did not find any such thing.  After a failed research attempt, I snatched my unused pedicure wand that includes a brush, a file, pumice stone, and a smoothing buffer & I went @ my hands!  I worked my way from the file, to the stone, & then buffed it smooth, as if I was working on one of my furniture pieces or sculptures.  It was a life changing decision.  I am sure my hands won't be a soft as the person naturally blessed with them, but the miraculous difference has me feeling as if I am!!! the exfoliation & thick lotion actually absorbs into my hands rather than not making it through all the thick layers I had before.  I realized that even when well moisturized the texture of my hands were still rough, so the buffing treatment worked wonders!  I highly recommend it!!!!  Just buff according to your tolerance & what is appropriate for your skin.  Don't buff your hands off & cause soreness & other issues.  Gently buff, exfoliate, and moisturize & feel the dramatic transformation!!!
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I too was born with this condition I have it on both my hands and feet.  My father had it and his mother had it.  They both had Curly hair, my Daughter does not have this condition and neither does my grandson, both my daughter and grandson have straight hair I have very curly hair I have natural ringlets of curls all over.  The only thing that has made an improvement in my skin condition is moving to Florida!  I lived in the Midwest growing up and my hands were so Brown and rough no matter what I was given to use.  After moving to Florida my hands are much better more natural color and much softer than when I lived in the Midwest. Every time I go back to visit family my hands revert back to the rough dark brown color within a few days living in a humid environment helps a lot so for those searching for a cure don't waste your time but to help your situation get maybe use of a humidifier could help improve if you live in a dry climate area. I've learn to live and love my hands now the way they are I don't burn myself picking up hot items after all. lol
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Wow I cannot believe how many peoplle have this! I too have the rough thick layer of skin on my hands and feet! I got it from my father and I also passed it to my son. We all have curly hair! I'm amazed how many have it I seriously thought I was alone! I wish someone had an idea what its called! Everyone asks me and sometimes its embarissing :-( but I'm getting more confident :-) I hope someone comes up with an answer! But for now let's all be proud of what god gave us! Although it is a pain to take care of!
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It's called palmoplantar keratoderma. I have it and it runs in my family too, but fortunately none of my 3 children have it.  Luck of the draw, I guess.
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First, reading all of those who have this condition was like looking into a mirror.  I too have have had this condition on my hands and feet since birth.  My mother has it and her father as well.

Second, as far as managing it, I went to a dermatologist in my teens who prescribed an lotion with a very small amount of acid in it.  I do not recall the name of this.  While the lotion did actually work, made the skin thinner and thinner, it had a bit of a side affect.  This affect was the skin around the callus peeled.  At most times my hands still looked terrible  so I stopped using it.  For most of my life I have used a porous stone in the shower and one lotion after another.  

I have however found a combination that will get you as close to having normal hands and feet as you may have come across.  I first use a power tool called a Dremel.  These usually come with an assortment of attachments. I use the round, cylinder shaped, sand paper bit.  The model Dremel I have is one that plugs in, costs around $50 U.S. dollars.  I have tried the rechargeable ones, burnt both out from use on my hands and feet.  The one with a cord has been running strong for a few years now.  For those of you who do not know what Dremel is it is a big brand name, been around a long time.  For the ladies who get manicures you may have seen this and had it used on you around the finger tips.  I do caution to be careful with these, you have to keep the Dremel moving around or it can get hot and burn you.  The other is watching how close you get to normal skin, at the high speeds the tool works at you can give yourself a nice little cut.  I have done this a few times, nothing serious, but only when doing my feet.  I also recommend that if you can do this outside and plan on showering afterwards.  It is not the cleanest thing to do for sure.  You will try and go farther and farther seeing just how much skin you can get rid of, you will find a comfort level.  After using the tool and showering I use Eucerin's Original Healing Soothing Lotion once and Jergen's Ultra Healing hand lotion when needed after that.  I have tried one lotion after another and the biggest problem I always had with most is it seemed to just put a greasy coating on top of the skin that never really seeped in.  With these two lotions that has not been the case, they feel like they really seeped into the skin.  

This will not cure it by any  means but I can promise you that your hands and feet will have never looked and felt this good ever.  I do this about once a week with the Dremel on my hands and on my feet as needed(more during the warmer months).  I am sharing this info with you because I know what it is like to shake a person's hand and have them ask me if I work construction.                

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Hi Madam,

can you please explain me briefly... I am suffering a lot,
I couldn't get the terminology.

Awaiting your response.
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