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Starting over 3 months ago I had (what I thought was) a penile cyst that developed. It was very painful like nerve pain. Just to make sure I went to a std clinic where the person told me that everything was normal and that cyst will subside over time. The cyst in question is right by my circumcision line. After that I seen another doctor who said could be a wart and froze that and some other lesion on my penis.  After they froze the areas I was still in pain. So I went to about 10 different doctors and all said different answers. I have now seen 2 dermatologist, 2 urologist, 2 ER doctors 1 std doctor, and a couple of GPs. Both urologist said that everything was a cyst and little sebaceous cyst. The ER doctor told me that everthing was normal and it was just a cyst. The one dermatologist told me the bumps on my shaft were warts by the one by the circumcision was a cyst. The other dermatologist to my the tiny bumos on my shaft where normal the other lesion was called clerosing lymphangitis. And that the other one (which no other doctor said by this one is a wart) .

The lesion in question is a hard firm mass 1 cm in diameter, pus did come out of the when I squeezed on it. it painful to the touch. Also it seems that my skin on my penis is blocked with oil cells when I shower I can clearly see the water just run off of it like it a protected layer over it. MY skin feels oily and sticky like my glands are blocked. Is there anything I can you to treat that.

I am wondering if the is test I can get to determine what this is?  Can a biopsy of the lesion tell me if it HPV or not? The derm doc gave me imiquimod cream and told to follow up in a month to see results. I'm not sure I want to us that because I feel that it is a cyst. The reason I seen so many doctors is because of my job.
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I hope I can answer your query. I am not sure how many lesions you have, but what I understand is that you have one main lesion which is painful and other smaller lesions of the same type which are not painful: Quoting you “After that I seen another doctor who said could be a wart and froze that and some other lesion on my penis.---------- The other dermatologist to my the tiny bumos on my shaft where normal the other lesion was called clerosing lymphangitis”

If you are 16 years old, then the bumps could be pearly white papules. Though the name suggests that they are white, most are flesh colored. They are small lumps of roughly the same size and shape. They are in a row around the margin of the head of the penis, and can be seen when the foreskin is pulled back. Also these can be present along the shaft and base of penis. They disappear with age and need no treatment. They should not be pricked as they can get infected this way. This could have happened in your case when you squeezed it or pricked it.

The lumps could also be Fordyce spots. These are dilated blood vessels covered with skin and can heal on their own. If they persist they can be treated by CO2 laser, diathermy, electro desiccation (using current), chemical peels (temporary treatment), or laser vaporization.

The third possibility is blocked sebaceous glands. These too often open up on their own. At times may need drainage. These can get infected too. So, one of the blocked glands probably got infected in your case. Since you feel that the skin of penis is very oily, this possibility should be looked into.

Regarding your feeling that it can be a cyst: Penile cysts are not common, except may be sebaceous cysts. Other possibilities are mucoid cysts and epidermoid cysts (follicular cysts). Cysts become painful when they become tense or press on a nerve or become infected. They can be diagnosed clinically or by biopsy. Ultrasound can also help diagnose a cystic swelling. In your case follicular cysts is a likely diagnosis with one of them becoming infected.

Since there is no itch, fungal infection, STD or skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, lichen planus etc are less likely. Yes, biopsy may help diagnose the condition (Fordyce spots, sebaceous cysts, other cysts, an abscess, hair follicle infection etc). Also skin scrapings can be taken. You probably had a complete STD panel. As of today there is no confirmatory test for HPV in men. Diagnosis is generally by identifying warts on the private parts. Multiple raised lesions can also be Bowenoid papulosis, which a HPV related localized cancer like condition. Biopsy can diagnose this.

Imiquimod is an immune modulator and can treat many skin conditions including warts. There is no harm in applying this on the lesions. If there is no response then you can follow up with the doctor regarding biopsy.

I sincerely hope you will find this information useful. Good Luck and take care!
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Sorry about my writing skill but let me try to explain myself better.
So the first lesion was like a skin tag. Now this skin as far as I can remember has been there for years and I never thought nothing of it.

The other lesion was recent and this first started in pain. I could not really see anything but there was a hard lump underneath my skin. It right on top where they did the circumcision. It was really painful, the pain was moving up to the left side of my abd.  Now I went to the std clinic and she told me everything was normal. She said it was just sebaceous cyst and she aked more about the skin tag which she said if its been there for years then its also normal.  She also sated that those little bumps where just like infected hair follicles and to leave they along and don't shave.  

But the pain from the hard lump one was still there so I went o this pa I know and as a favor he took a look and could not see anything where I was having the pain from the hard cyst but saw those tiny bumps and that skin tag and told me that he thought they were warts. So he froze them which after they heal did nothing.

Now after that I seem a ton of doctors because where he froze the one with the skin tag. It keeps giving me extreme pain.  So I went to see other doctors all while traveling because of my job. Each one said something eles but still wanted to freeze it. After all said and done. The skin tag one is giving me extreme all day and im pretty sure they will have to remove it with surgery. My question what will the scar look like?

The skin tag one is also by my circumcision like and it about 1.3 mm in size. Also to add something when the pain was at the worst there was a red line going down my shaft that made me thing that this was a nerve or by it and im scared to let some doctor I cant really talk to cut my penis.  \

And that other painful cyst is still there.
please help me thanks again
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