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glans irritation/sensitivity


I've had this problem for around 7 months now and was looking for another opinion.  I've seen a physician, dermatologist and urologist and all have seen nothing to worry about.  My glans penis (the head) has been slightly irritated and sensitive for all these months mainly to the right of the meatus and around the rim/ridge of the glans on that side.  No pain, itching, burning or tingling, just irritation when clothes rub against it and increased sensitivity-not severe, maybe a 2 or 3 on the pain scale, more of a discomfort.  The skin looks pretty normal-no bumps, blisters, lesions, sores, redness, etc-just slight discoloration in a oval shape which is dimishing with time.  I may have overused some topicals like hydrocortisone and other antifungals perscribed.  The derm agreed and gave me desowen to try which seemed to gve the most relief.  He saw nothing of concern and checked for HPV visually and with vinegar test.  Uro and other doc also saw no major problems with the anatomy. The glans does get a little dry but I've been moisterizing to relieve that.  

Also, i've had occasional clear discharge from the penis, but no burning or pain with urination.  I was screened for chalmydia and gonohrrea-both negative and had urinalysis done with nothing unusual showing up.  The discharge started about 1 1/2 months ago-not severe, just a little bit at the opening sometimes usually after I've been sitting for awhile then walk around but not everyday.  I was told it could be mild epidymitis.

Any thoughts or concerns?  The irritation seems to be very slowly subsiding but I just thought it unusual to be taking this long-it;s never totally gone away and come back, just a chronic VERY slowly healing problem.   I havent had intercourse in the past 7 months either and have limited mastubating to avoid friction.  Sorry for the long story, just hoping for some reassurance it's nothing serious although it may be more my anxiety than anything else.  I've had no other symptoms than those mentioned

Thanks you
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I don't suspect anything serious or significant.  You've had yourself checked in the appropriate way, and the negative tests and reassurances you've gotten seem appropriate and accurate.  Sensitivity can indeed take a long time to go away, especially if you're worrying about it.  I'd just use nonmedicated moisturizer lotion at most, and just ignore the sensitivity.  No need to keep your sex life on hold on this account.


Dr. Rockoff
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