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granuloma anulare

I would like to know if there are any other treatments for this disorder other than cortizone shot & creams? Have they determined what causes this condition?

Thank you
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Granuloma annulare doesn't respond well to any treatments.  Cortisone creams and shots help flatten the affected areas, but increased pigmentation remains for a long time.  Often, the condition goes into long or permanent remissions on its own.  The cause is unknown, but it is rarely associated with anything systemic.

It's unusual for doctors to know the cause of most conditions with any certainty.  Even when we do know something about cause, we don't know why some people get it and not others, or why here on the body and not there, or why now and not last year, and so on.  Uncomfortable for us to admit or for patients to think about, but there it is.  At least we can make some things go away, and exclude more serious conditions.


Dr. R
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Shari:  My daughter had this condition for about 2 years.  We used cortisone cream several times a day to reduce redness and swelling; however, I was told by one doctor that there was no proof, but speculation that "flea bites may be the cause".  Once we got rid of our dog and started protecting her skin from all insect bites--IT NEVER RETURNED!!!!
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My son has had this condition for sveral years, and at first was diagnosed as Ringworm.  I took him to a specialist at a local Medical Ctr and the doctor also was a professor at the University.  He took pics of my sons skin and asked the residents what their diagnosis would be, they correctly stated that it was Granuloma Anulare, a very rare form of leprosy.  My son has had some very cruel kids refuse to play with him because of this, but the doctors said that this will continue on into his adulthood.  I have tried everything, but to no avail, he has had some treatments but it really never goes away...and I feel bad for him.  The doctor also showed me and Charlie pics of adults with this disease and that it will get progressively worse, I feel bad for him but there is nothing I can do but love him all the same and let him know that there will be people that will treat him differently because of it.  I also had to send him to school in long pants and long sleeve shirts til it faded.  It is usually worse int he summer, because it is hot, I normally make him take a cool bath to calm it down...Hope this helps, Cheryl
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I developed this condition about a year ago.  Two dermotologists have told me it can go away as suddenly as it appeared within a two year period.  It occasionally itches and is quite red and for some reason gets pretty ugly.  I can't pinpoint what I have eaten or come in contact with prior to the itching and redness.

I have been fortunate that I have no signs of it on my fact and neck.  I wear long sleeves all the time and try to ignore my hands!  They aren't too bad, but noticably marked.

My present derm. offered to give me some medicine, but she warned me that I would have to have my blood tested quite often because it can lower the blood count.  My internist suggested that since the condition was not on my face and neck, it was probably not a good idea to risk another health issue.
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I have had Granuloma Anulare for at least 10 years. It started with a small circle on my hand. Soon it went to my other hand. Now is is on my arms and legs. I have gone to doctors in New York  and Florida and they all have said that they don't know what it comes from and that there is not any medicine that takes it away. It looks ugly and I am desperate to find a cure. I have tried to avoid eating certain foods,using cortisone,staying out of the sun.The only thing it might be is an allergy to my dog. I have had dogs my whole life and never have been without one. If anyone can make any suggestions I would be very grateful. I will be devestated if it ever goes on my face. That is my greatest fear. If you can ever find the slightest factor that might help me my e-mail address is ***@****      Thank you, Sondra
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I have Granuloma Anulare, also.I have had it for 2 yrs. The first spot was surgically removed. What a mess! Where ever there was a suture mark,another spot apeared. This oringinal spot was the size of a dime. After surgery and healing, I had 3 spots that enlarged to the size of a quarter each.                            I have gone to 2 other dermatologists. They have said the same to me as your other replies have stated.                           I Have these spots from my shoulders down to the back of my     hands. Some of these spots have dissapeared, all by themselves.  The first spots are very faint, now. I'm waiting to be rid of  them, someday, I pray.                                                                   Thanks for listening,                                                  Tanya
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