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hair,nails not growing spots on arteries

Hair stopped growing on my head. Body haid mostly diappeared apart from pubic region. beard stopped growing, finger nails and toe nails also.eyebrows were singed and have only now started to regrow.
Beard grows on right side more than left and not on left neck
As I get better hair is returning slowly and nails seem to have restarted (i can not remember when i last had to cut my toe nails!)
When ill - no feelings of pain in scalp Impact of sharp objects felt but no pain.
no pain in multiple spots on face  when my blood is deep red but very painfull when my blood is scarlet.
Spots on face seem to be on arteries ( i can feel them all pulsing at times) as with spot just above collar bone on left neck. As I have recovered (prolonged bedrest) the spots have cleared and resolved to 10 symmetrical spots on forehead jaw and neck.
These take months (18) to heal and as they have done so they appear to move slowly downwards from the jaw line where they first occurred.
Spots used to erupt with a slippery fatty substance. When i went on zero cholesterol diet this stopped. They usually refuse to bleed (unless blood scarlet).
They appear to seal instantly and then a clear to yellowy substance only that runs and then crusts.
Could this be connected to a severe whiplash injury damaging arteries and or veins to my head. the lesser blood vesseld then getting blocked where they pass the jawbone or at points on the forehead.
Would hyperfunctional platelets (clot instantly in heparin, edta and citrate), high fibrinogen and high cortisol be relevant.
Is this a known autonomic response to  the brain suspecting that one is bleeding to death (as it would do if carotid and vertebral arteries are damaged - as is suspected).
There are many many other symtoms inc Vertebro basalar Insufficiency and sub clavian steal whic is where i get the thought that blood flow is the issue.
many thanks to whoever tries to come up with some ideas
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