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hands & feet athletes feet same time

I had athletes feet  x1 the moccasin type. My athletes feet started up I get burning stinging & pain on my feet & redness .but  at the same time I received both hands burning & stinging palms & fingers palm side & slight redness everywhere palm side including fingers & between fingers. I don't get the pain I do with my feet. My feet started alot more red. I forget to use my maintenance tolfonate spray for 1 week. So is it possible I can get both hands & feet at the same time? I read  the hands fungus some are contagious & some go away only when your feet get better & are not contagious. help me understand.
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Dear Mcmargo,

Thanks for writing in.

All sort of fungi are contagious and can spread from one body part to another.

Athlete’s foot is a tough fungal infection and needs to be cured completely as it can come back again and again.

Also if the person sweats and wears closed shoes for most part of the day then the chances of the patient getting fungal infections are very high. For this, dusting powders containing clotrimazole etc. should be used daily and feet should be properly cleaned and dried before wearing socks.

Hope that this information helps and hope that you will get better soon.

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Dr. Rohit Batra
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