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head of penis is tender

I recently had unprotected sex, and the head of my penis is very tender on the left side. We had sex for a very long time and she was not well lubricated. An hour after we finished I noticed that the tip of my penis was sore and tender, I passed it off because I figured it was from so much friction. It has been tender for over a week now and I'm starting to worry about it. Does it take a long time for the penis to heal from this? I have no lumps, lesions, or any swelling. Everything looks normal, it's just very tender. It does not hurt much at all in the moring but as the day goes on it gets worse, I beleive it's from the penis rubbing against my boxers all day and from the anxiety. Should I seek medical help for this? What can I do to help heal the area?
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It certainly sounds like irritation from friction.  I suggest that you apply 1% hydrocortisone cream (no prescription needed) twice a day for a week.  I suggest that you set up an appointment as well to see a doctor, though it may not be needed if you clear up.  Using a mild unmedicated moisturizing lotion in addition (like Eucerin) may help reduce friction during the day as well.

Also, you may want to avoid unprotected sex, just on general principles.


Dr. Rockoff
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I have a sore, tender area on the left side of my penis head, close to the bottom of the mushroom area. I was tested for std which came back negative. They gave me lotramine cream, it doesn't seem to be working. It doesnt hurt to urinate or any leakage. I am concerned, cause it isn't going away.
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