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help pls :)

i found a little lump/bulgy thing on the top of the groin area rite below my tummy, i found it a week ago and when i press on it i feel something hard unlike the rest of the area, i recently had a hernia surgery about an year ago dont know if its relevant but that about it

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Have this assessed by your surgeon. How large is the lump? Is it reddish and painful? When you press on it , does the lump fluctuate or disappear?

When you strain does the lump appear to bulge or increase in size?

You had prior history of hernia. At this point, we can not really tell if this needs immediate intervention. However, with a significant history then this may have to be assessed early on.
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hey ty for the input
the answer to ur questions is the lump is quite small barely noticable when looking just when felt u could tell there is a little lump, no pain what so ever or any discomfort just when i press on the lump u feel something hard in it, its been a week since ive noticed it
yes its white/redish like a little streakand no i have actually checked but it does not fluctuate
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and another thing, lately i have been having twitches on my left eye suddenly
and rite now my temp is about 99.03 but i was out the whole day in extremely hot weather, and as well i may have allergic reaction coz i have had nasal congestion and watery eyes and all the allergy symptoms for a month or 2
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Just continue to observe the lump. For any abdominal pain, any increase in size of the lump, any discharge or redness, then I would suggest that you have this assessed by your physician immediately. Just avoid picking on the lump or pressing on it.

As for the fever, this may be an upper respiratory tract infection. This may be viral. Drink plenty of water and rest well.
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Thank you very much Vanessa, u have been a great help i was quite scared because the first thing that came up when i goggled it was HIV, and i have been quite scared since then, i still quite am but i dont know anything now
to be honest what is ur wildest assumption on what this lump could be?
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