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herpes or pimple

Hello, about two weeks ago I had a raised red bump under my lower lip. I squeezed it hard be white stringy pus came out. Because it was unsightly I kept messing with it and it bleed a good bit before it starting crusting over. I had and he said it probably just infected bc he noticed a yellow crust but did not think it was a cold sore. It has since faded to light red scar. Then two days ago right below the previous pimple was red and a white head starting coming up. Last night I squeezed it and a good amount of pus came out followed by a little clear fluid and blood. Now it just looks like a liitle red dried blood spot and is suppounded by a little red inflammation.

Does this sound like herpes I have been reading a lot of different things
Do cold sores have pus in them as both of these did?
They are not on my lip and were really close to each other but not in the same exact spot
Does a yellow crusting after bursting definatly mean cold sore?
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No, it does not sound like herpes.  Herpes sores have yellow crusts, not pus.  Next time you get a bump, show a doctor (or take a picture) and don't mess with it.  If you mess with it, nobody will be able to tell you for sure what it is.

Dr. Rockoff
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