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I have had a bump on my penis shaft for about a week. it felt like in ingrown hair i messed with it and it swelled worse. i popped it yellow pus cane out. now like fiur days later it swelled up real bad and lots of pus came out could this be herpes?
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Hello, I suffer with Herpes. Not knowing for years I had it. I notice a cluster of bumps my body. Then I also popped, one. And blood came out. I'm no longer having mental cycles. So the only way I found out. If I had stag 1-or 2"? Was to go to my physician and she took my blood test. And I found out that way. Herpes disease is nothing to be a shame about. But"? Make sure you discuss this with your partner, husband or wife. Then talk to your doctor. For me I'm taking " Valtrex"! And I don't have outbreaks. But you can get them, if not taking care of properly. Good"! Luck"! :-) :-) :-) .
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No, it sounds more like a bacterial infection to me, which isn't good either.  Since it is getting worse, get to the doctor.  Hopefully they will culture it to find out what antibiotic you need, or maybe something just topical.  
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" Sounds like great advise"! I will also take your advise  into consideration. Thanks you and .God bless"!
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Would herpes look likee a small scab on top of a large bump. i don't feel like this looks like an ulcer
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